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ORV Park will use grants funds to promote safety

Work is expected to begin soon on better signs to promote safety and proper trail use inside the Straddleline ORV Park, located east of McCleary.

The county has passed on a $22,840 state grant to park-operator Promoto Promotions to “develop, design and print educational materials and provide signage throughout the park,” according to the grant application.

The funding will also pay for a seasonal staff member to patrol the park and educate users as to the way the trails work.

There had been a problem at the park with signs being knocked down on the trails and users not knowing which way to go using their offroad vehicles.

The money comes from the state’s “non-highway and off-road vehicle activities program,” which gets its funding from the vehicle license tabs that off-road vehicle users pay.

The park straddles the county line between Thurston and Grays Harbor counties — hence the name Straddleline ORV Park — and is located on Highway 8.