Karts dust-up at ORV

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Scot Pearson | The Vidette Junior racers Nathan Fochtman, No. 37, and Trinity Fosdick, run neck and neck in the first heat race of the day. The Cascade Karting Association ran its club races at the Straddleline ORV flat dirt track on Saturday.
Scot Pearson | The Vidette Racers in the Open Class, “start their engines”, and take the field for the Open Main Event during Cascade Karting Associations race on Aug. 3.
Scot Pearson | The Vidette The start of the Open Class main event at Cascade Karting Associations club race 6.
Scot Pearson | The Vidette Rusty Rossmaier completes his move over Dave Lorenz, No. 4, as Glenn Tower tries to find wiggle room on the inside track during Stock 4-Cycle racing at the Cascade Karting Association club race at the ORV Park on Saturday.

McCLEARY — The fifth club race of the season brought out a couple new racers and a visit from a past member to the Cascade Karting Association’s track at Straddleline ORV Park as the club gets ready for the Betty Boop Memorial race on Aug. 17.

Returning to the track, Renee Angel, currently known for her skills running dirt ovals in a Ford Focus Midget, is keeping her racing chops honed while she recovers from a tumble earlier this season at Skagit. Angel, still in recovery from a broken collarbone, is under doctor’s orders to not be restrained with shoulder straps, but can still compete in carting.

With practice laps done and heats completed, the club turned to the main event races on Saturday afternoon Aug. 3.

Open Class

Grabbing second in both her heat races, Angel set the pace in the Open class for the club’s main event. Awarded the outside pole in the Open main, Angel jumped out quickly and led the entire race. Club point’s leader, Anna Singleton, took the visit by Angel as a challenge.

“If I can beat her or at least stay up with her, I am showing that I can run with the best,” said Singleton.

Singleton, sitting third at the start, just behind pole winner Rusty Rossmaier, took just three laps to take the second-place position from Jared Storer and run in hot pursuit of Angel.

Storer raised the first caution of the 20-lap race and started slipping back in the field. A second caution cited to Storer, and a black flag warning to the driver after 17 laps had been completed, brought an opportunity for Singleton to make her move on Angel. On the re-start, Singleton made a move to the inside, trying to get the lane away from Angel, who held her ground and kept Singleton chasing to the finish line. Zach Schmidt followed the two for third, having kept the position from lap five on, and Glenn Tower took fourth.

Yamaha Light and Heavy

In the two Yamaha classes, the Light class quickly went from a six-car field to five as Alesha Fochtman had initial trouble getting out of the pits and had to leave the track by lap five with engine issues.

The Light class had set itself up by the third lap. Wendell Fosdick took command and started to distance himself by lap seven. Trying to keep Fosdick honest, Tyler Holmstead and Jesse Heberlein kept on his tailpipe with each run of the course. Rossmaier, running in four of the five classes on the day, got into a challenge with Heberlein trying to take third by lap 13. Fosdick started lapping cars by the 17th lap, which gave room for others to also maneuver. At the end of the Light race, Fosdick held his lead, Holmstead brought in second and Rossmaier got the better of Heberlein for third.

When the Heavies took the track, they also came out short of the established field, as Holmstead could not make it onto the track before the initial green flag. Fosdick again broke out in front with limited challenge from the field on his way to his second main event win of the day.

New to the club, Sam Notarianni was trying to keep pace with Fosdick, but just could not catch him, and took second. The real race in the Heavy Class was between Wayne Thompson and Rossmaier for third. Thompson was able to get around Rossmaier at the start and run in front for the majority of the race, but Rossmaier finally was able to get the inside under Thompson, and beat him to the finish line forg third.

Stock 4-Cycle

This race was all Tyler Weber from start to finish.

At the drop of the green flag, Weber took his third-place starting position and pushed through Rossmaier to run out front for the entire race. Rossmaier also dropped behind Dave Lorenz and the two started getting tight at lap six. Rossmaier finally got around Lorenz by lap 11 and followed Weber to the finish. Abby Storer, who had to challenge Tower. A wide turn and a spin coming into turn two by Tower, gave Storer the needed opening. With the three front-runners already at the finish line, Storer placed ahead of Tower to grab fourth.

Junior I

The two junior racers, Nathan Fochtman and Trinity Fosdick, both 10 years old, ran a smooth and quick race. Fochtman, the club points leader in the class, started distancing Fosdick early in the race. With every effort, Fosdick kept her focus on the track, but could not make up the ground, but she kept her head in the race and had a solid finish.

The club, which saw 21 racers this past weekend, look to have a crowd of 50 or more at the Betty Boop Memorial/Cascade Kart Association Club race six on Aug. 17.

“The stands we hope will be full of supporters”, said club president Glenn Tower, “I know we will have plenty of racers for the event, the memorial is so special to many if not all of the drivers who race here.”

Top Three Results:

Open: 1, Renee Angel; 2, Anna Singleton; 3, Zach Schmitz.

Yamaha Light: 1, Wendell Fosdick; 2, Tyler Holmstead; 3, Rusty Rossmaier.

Junior I: 1, Nathan Fochtman; 2, Trinity Fosdick.

Stock 4-Cycle: 1, Tyler Weber; 2, Rossmaier; 3, Dave Lornez.

Yamaha Heavy: 1, W. Fosdick; 2, Sam Notarianni; 3, Rossmaier.