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German, Olson and Peterson take the night 08/30/12

ELMA — The Grays Harbor Raceway saw Joe German take the win in the Modified class, Mitch Olson take the Sprints and Jared Peterson grabbed a win in the Midget Class.

With a short schedule at the track, the racing was quickly underway Aug. 25.


Sitting on the pole, Ariel Biggs, back from a run in the Sprints and even taking the wheel of a Late Model Modified, ran out front for the first 14 laps of the 25-lap Midget Main event.

Tracking her the entire way was Mitch Olson, who seemed to be content, for the moment, sitting in his second place pacing Biggs around the track. With the pair lapping cars by the first 10 laps, a spin-out brought out the first caution and reset the field on lap 16.

Olson took this opportunity and darted ahead of Biggs, leaving her to battle Chase Goetz, who was right on her bumper. Olson took a decisive lead as Goetz got around Biggs and the three finished the race in that order.

Bringing in fourth, Garrett Johnson had an early battle with Jeremy Miller, but saw Miller fade behind Todd Hartman. Johnson kept his car ahead of Hartman just enough to take the fourth place, leaving the final spot to Hartman.


The Modified Class had a restart off the initial lap when four drivers got a bit to close coming around turn four and brought out the caution. Kyler Moore sitting on the pole and Joe German on his right bumper quickly traded places after the restart as German ran for the finish.

Zack Simpson tried to put the pressure on German getting around Moore until Craig Moore took on the chase of German replacing Simpson on lap 17.

Sneaking around the back, Scott Miller was jumping from fifth to fourth to third as Simpson fell back. The race had turned into the German, Moore, Miller and Moore show running in the final 10 laps of the Modified 30-lap main event. Simpson got his motor back and joined the quad racing for the end, even to slip past Craig Moore at the end.

The Modifies finished with German, Miller, Kyler Moore, Simpson and Craig Moore.


The field of 360 Sprint cars looked a little better this time out, with Randy VanAagten running under the OJ wing, Henry VanDam back in the seat and Reese Goetz looking for win number two.

VanAagten took the early lead making Olson chase him until a restart on lap 12. With the gap closed by the restart, Olson took only a few laps to overtake VanAagten. By lap 17, Olson took the helm and brought home the victory as he started adding traffic to the mix lapping cars by lap 21. VanDam had made his way from the middle of the pack to follow the pair across the line for third giving Cam Smith the fourth slot. Goetz captured the final slot of the race.

Racing continues on Sept. 1, with a Big Rig show and the Hornet class running.