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Horns & Hooks gets more buzz, expanding brand

MONTESANO — Horns and Hooks magazine is now nationally distributed and is looking at its second season on Root Sports with their “Horns and Hooks” TV show.

“There is a lot of great buzz on the streets, and I get stopped everyday about hunting and fishing. I get stopped and asked where the best place is to go,” said Rex Peterson, Horns and Hooks publisher.

Horns and Hooks had humble beginnings from a back room in an Aberdeen industrial area, now re-located into a new office/store in Montesano at Montesano Square. It will be airing its second season of outdoor adventures on Root Sports.

“We are finishing the second run of our first season and already have a few shows ready for the second,” he added.

Running from April to October of 2014, the show will feature some of the adventures that have brought fans closer to the outdoors in basic Horns and Hooks fashion. The first season of the cable show has been broadcast on Root Northwest, which reaches from Alaska through Washington, Montana, Oregon and Northern California. Grays Harbor Tourism has been the main sponsor of the show.

“There will be shark fishing on Willapa Bay. We took our subscription drive winner out on the Cowlitz River for big Chinook, and we were part of Operation Salmon this year, taking out wounded warriors for a summer steelhead fishing trip on the Columbia River, running out of Ridgefield.”

From tuna fishing to winter steelhead, trips will be made to Colorado for bull elk and Grays Harbor County will be the featured area with plenty of black tail deer. There is plans to travel to Wyoming for mule deer, a Quinault bear show and winter steelhead back in the local area.

“Shark fishing is amazing, and the wounded warrior trip was heart-wrenching,” he added. “Both of the vets that were with us caught big fish. One of the guys was caught by a mortar in Iraq and lost part of his vision.”

Peterson looks to push the limits as far as outdoor adventure in the Northwest. Continually growing the Horns and Hooks brand, offering hunting and fishing gear, the magazine, the TV show and working on building what he calls the Horns and Hooks Community.

“The Horns and Hooks Community is like a tribe about hunting and fishing,” he said. “All the people are part of the Horns and Hooks team, where everybody who shares their knowledge and interact will be involved. Our goal at Horns and Hooks? To be the premier outdoor adventure media company in the Northwest. If anybody talks or even thinks about hunting and fishing, we want them to think Horns and Hooks.”

With the Horns and Hooks TV show moving into its second season next year, and national distribution of the magazine at places like, “All the Sportsman Warehouses in the country, all Northwest Walmarts, Safeway, Fred Meyer, QFCs, Bass Pro Shops, and back east in Gander Mountain stores, Hastings books stores and all sizes of other grocery stores,” Horns and Hooks looks primed for the next step.

One of those steps will be another venture in taking over the Grays Harbor Sportsman Show conducted at the Grays Harbor Fairgrounds on March 8 and 9 in 2014.

“We have partnered with Grays Harbor Tourism. We feel with our network and knowledge we can improve the show and hope to grow the audience,” said Peterson.

And for the fans of Horns and Hooks, Peterson simply says, “Stay tuned. We are only limited by our imagination.”