Montesano Spring Sports Awards

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Listed are Montesano varsity athletes receiveing spring sports awards:

The Don Parks Outstanding Athlete: Justine Nuckols, Matthew Jensen.

Boys Soccer

Team MVP, Cody Olsen. Hustle Award, Bobby Sprinkle. Offensive MVP, Brandon Lovell. Defensive MVP, Nolan Walker. Four-Year Award; Brett Cooper, Skye Jefferson, Cody Olsen, Robert Sprinkle, Tim St. Onge.

All-League: First Team: Defender, Nolan Walker. Second Team; Forward, Brandon Lovell. Midfielder, David Sawyer. Defender, Cody Olsen.

All-Academic: Cody Olson, Dakota Jefferson, Jeff Varness, Nolan Walker, Gabriel Spearin and Tim St. Onge.


Most Valuable, Shad Rogers and Layne Bruner . Most Improved, Kody Usher, Richard Smith and Shad Rogers. Most Inspirational, Shad Rogers. Bulldog Award, Zack Nelson. Coaches Award, Nate Nussbaum and Tucker Ibabao. Pitcher’s Ace Award, Layne Bruner. Silver Stick Award, Elliot Mendenhall. Golden Glove Award, Matthew Jensen. Four-Year Award; Layne Bruner, Tucker Ibabao, Matthew Jensen, Elliot Mendenhall, Zack Nelson, Nathan Nussbaum, Shad Rogers and Richard Smith.

All-League: First Team:MVP, Layne Bruner. Pitcher, Matthew Jensen. Infielder, Shad Rogers and Zack Nelson. Outfielder, Elliot Mendenhall. Utility, Tucker Ibabao. Second Team: Outfielder, Cody Usher. Honorable Mention, Richard Smith and Nathan Nussbaum.

All-Academic: Zack Nelson, Shad Rogers, Matthew Jensen, Evan Bialkowsky, Tucker Ibabao, Elliot Mendenhall and Nathan Nussbaum.

Track and Field

Most Improved, Tristan Darst, Sydney Potter. Most Inspirational, Tyson Lovell, Andrea Ostwald. Captains Award, Anthony Louthan, Gabrielle Rudolph. Coaches Award, Logan Truax, Alexis Schupbach. MVP and Four-Year Award, Tyson Lovell.

All-Academic: Tyson Lovell, Caleb Chastain, Hutton Napier, Logan Truax, Anthony Louthan, Isaiah Pellegrino, Andrea Ostwald, Gabrielle Rudolph, Sydney Potter, Tia Arndt and Abigail Stenbeck.


Most Valuable, Johanna Brulotte. Most Improved, Katie Ayers and Elizabeth Taborski. Most Inspirational, April Easter. Coaches Award, Lingxing Zhang. Four-Year Award, Johanna Brulotte.

All-League: Double First Team and MVPs, Johanna Brulotte and April Easter. Singles Second Team, Lingxing Zhang.

All-Academic: Johanna Brulotte, Madi Herzog, April Easter, Lingxing Zhang and Ariadna Almenora.


Medalist, Kaelyn Walker. Most Improved, Morgan Geer. Rising Star, Caity Quinn. Team Spirit, Madi Besaw. Bulldog Award, Sami St. Onge. Coaches Award, Ashley Aschim. Four Year Award, Kaelyn Walker and Caity Quinn.

All-Academic: Kaelyn Walker and Sami St. Onge.


MVP, Courtney Swan. Most Inspirational, Bobbi Fry. Most Improved, Kasie Kloempken. Four-Year Award; Bobbi Fry, Justine Nuckols, Alexis Prante and Courtney Swan.

All League: First Team; MVP. Megan Choate. Catcher, Courtney Swan. Second Team; Infield, Justine Nuckols. Honorable Mention. Madison Didion and LeeAnn Rhoden.

All-Academic: Justine Nuckols, LeeAnn Rhoden, Bobbi Fry, Kasie Kloempken, Cortney Miller, Madison Didion, Rayna Ashlock, Kendra Warnock, Mackenzi Howard, Hannah Jensen, Brooke Whitsell and Megan Choate.

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