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Fournier Insurance Solutions Athlete of the Week — 10/18/2012

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Elliot Mendenhall

Name: Elliot Mendenhall

Parents: Debbie Murphy and Rick Sholes

Hometown: Brady

School: Montesano

Sport: Football

School Activities: Sports, football and baseball

Future: Hopes to play baseball in college.

Mendenhall keeps his nose to the grindstone with his studies to keep his grades up and an eye on attending college. He has not made any commitments yet to his next level of education, but hopes that his work on the summer baseball team, “The Boys of Summer,” a travel team out of Bellingham, will help pave the way.

Mendenhall draws inspiration from his mother and the coaching staff of the Montesano football team.

“The team is starting to do better, we are healthy and are getting stronger,” Mendenhall said.

When not studying or participating in a sport he enjoys hanging out with his friends.