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Grays Harbor Bowmen announce results from ‘Rainforest Safari’

The Rainforest Safari tournament for the Grays Harbor Bowmen drew about 50 archers for both days of the event on June 1 and June 2. These archers were eligible for the special Rainforest Trophies — while about 20 additional people shot either Saturday only or Sunday only.

Shooting two arrows at each of 35 safari targets each day, scoring 11 points for the center spot, the maximum possible score ended up being 1,540. Several archers chased that goal with top shooter Stew Waldrop (Adult Male Freestyle) achieving 1,518 and Justin Hill (Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle) at 1,517. Jerrod Salzer and Mike Kenyon tied for second place at 1,454, which was decided in favor of Kenyon as Salzer wasn’t present at a shoot-off. Among the seniors, those 50 years old or more, the high score was Bill Barnhart (Senior Male Freestyle) with 1,463 and the top lady was Tammy Melton (Adult Female Freestyle) with 1,470. Chloe Gammon took the top spot in cub (ages 12-14) Female Bowhunter Freestyle with 1,233.

The next regular tournament will be the Hunters’ Dreams Marked 3-D on Aug. 3 to 4.

Complete results:

Adult Male Freestyle — Stew Waldrop 1,518, Scott Melton 1,455, Justin Jones 1,372. Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle — Justin Hill 1,517, Mike Kenyon 1,454, Jerrod Salzer 1,454. Adult Male Longbow — Ryan Hartley 824. Adult Female Freestyle — Tammy Melton 1,470, Krista Kok 1,411. Adult Female Bowhunter Freestyle — Teresa King 1,333, Jennifer Davis 1,255, Hazel Gammon 1,205.

Senior Male Freestyle — Bill Barnhart 1,463, Richard Ayre 1,319, Steve Love 1,194. Senior Male Bowhunter Freestyle — Dan Peterson 1,438, Les Salzer 1,358, Steve Whitney 1,280. Senior Female Freestyle — Sandi Comer 1,400. Senior Female Bowhunter Freestyle — Cheryl Peterson 1,290. Silver Senior Male Freestyle — Darrell Miller 1,104. Silver Senior Male Bowhunter Freestyle — Bob Paulsen 1,166, Craig Cournoyer 808.

Young Adult Female Bowhunter Freestyle — Kayla Gammon 1,255. Youth Male Bowhunter Freestyle — Hayden Ford 946. Youth Female Bowhunter Freestyle — Paige Salzer 754. Cub Male Bowhunter Freestyle — Jonathen Quinton 954. Cub Female Bowhunter Freestyle — Chloe Gammon 1,233, Shyann Quinton 983. PeeWee Male Bowhunter Freestyle — Spencer Hill 586. PeeWee Male Barebow — Mason Hill 334. PeeWee Female Barebow — Kaylee Kok 805.