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Yule have a good time

The Friends of Schafer and Lake Sylvia and the state park staff invite everybody to participate in this year’s Bringing in the Yule Log and Christmas sing-a-long celebration beginning at Schafer State Park 1 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9.

Children are invited to search out the Yule Log that has been hidden at Schafer Park. This year’s Yule log is taken from a deadfall tree that will be tied with a ribbon and holly. After the log is found, a horn will be blown and whoever discovers the log will get the first swing at ceremoniously cutting the log in half with a special axe that has the names of all who have discovered the Yule in the past burned into the handle.

There will be music, cookies, and cocoa to be had and all are invited to share in the warmth and camaraderie of the celebration as the fire keeps the cold at bay. Donations of drinks and snacks are welcomed and appreciated.

The Yule log from last year will be carried along on the parade route Saturday, Dec. 8, until it reaches Fleet Park, where half of it will be burned in a longstanding tradition. A post-parade Yule log fire has been part of Festival of Lights festivities since 1988. Montesano resident Ron Lofgren thought something was missing from the inaugural festival in 1987 and was inspired by memories of the Schafer park Yule log celebration that began in the 1950s to add a Yule log and fire to the festival that year. It has been part of the festivities ever since.

After waning in the 1970s, the Schafer park Yule log hunt was revived four years ago by park volunteers and neighbors and has been used to provide the Yule log for the the Festival of Light in recent years.