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We don't want a regatta or a flue flimiminy flotta … what we really want is a Christmas Cantata

Come join in the festivities 7 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9, at the Montesano Methodist Church for the annual Christmas Cantata.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the United Methodist Church of Montesano and the 68th annual Christmas Cantata.

The Montesano Methodist Church has a long tradition of inviting members from other local churches and the community to join in the celebration. This year the choir will be performing the “Voices of Christmas” by Joseph Martin, with a complete orchestral accompaniment and five soloists, according to Miriam Mombray, who has been taking part in the choir and the Christmas Cantata for 58 years.

Mobray has spent a lifetime singing in church choirs. The daughter of an Arlington pastor, she came to Montesano to teach elementary school in the early 1950s. Over the decades, she has helped the Montesano Methodist Church’s Christmas Cantata grow into one of the great holiday traditions of Montesano.