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Hoqiam is full of history


Pop. 8,726

Incorporated 1890

Hoquiam shares a border and timber tradition with its larger neighbor Aberdeen but has maintained its own independent identity.

The Polson Museum — 1611 Riverside Ave., — has the most extensive local collection of Grays Harbor history, displaying thousands of artifacts, documents and photos.

The historic train depot — 719 Eighth St. — combines its historic past with present-day use. An effort begain in 1989, completed 20 years later, to preserve the 1911 station; the state Department of Licensing operates there today.

Nearby, the 7th Street Theatre, 313 Seventh St., has undergone restoration projects since 1976 including major restoration in the past 10 years of the 1928 theater. Today it hosts classic movies, plays, dance recitals, concers and more.

Hoquiam’s historic Olympic Stadium, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is located just off of Sumner Ave. at the corner of 28th and Cherry streets. The all-wood stadium was built in 1938.

Additionally, Hoquiam embraces the nature that surrounds them. The Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge at Bowerman Basin is home to thousands of northern-bound migratory shorebirds each spring making a stop on their travels. It’s one of the largest concentrations of shorebirds on the west coast, south of Alaska.

The refuge is near Bowerman Field, the only jet-capable airport on the Washington Coast. Planes land on the 5,000-foot runway guided by an advanced navigation system that allows them to avoid the sanctuary.

The Elton Bennett Park off Highway 101 on Grand Avenue is dedicated to internationally known artist, Elton Bennett.