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Satsop letters

Satsop Elementary

First through third grades

Dear Santa, How old are you? What is the North Pole? Please can you get my family what they want. Josie wants barbies. Kylie wants books. I want a soccer ball. Mom wants cooking stuff. My step dad wants fishing and hunting stuff so would my dad. Love, Grace

Dear Santa Claus, I have a Crismis tree. I want a pogo stic. I want a dinosor. I want a modrsicel. I want a sereof Beast Quest. Mason

Dear Santa Claus, How do you make presents? How do you get ot my house so fast? I would like 2 Beyblades. Your Friend, Theo

Dear Santa claus, We have a great day. We make cookies and milk for Santa. Santas pet is the reindeers. Do they fly? they have black noise. Santa is happy to me. we make a christmas tree. Anta put presents in the christmas tree it is a toy truck. Thank you Santa Your frend, Chritian

Dear Santa How old are you and your reindeer? How many presents do you have to deliver in one night? I want a destroyer dome and ? Sincerely, Hunter

Dear SAnta Claus, Who helps you make the presents? How do you get to my house so fast? I would like a Wii and an Autobot game.Your Friend, Lizzy

Dear SAnta How are you and your raindeer and your Elfs. Please can I have another puppy. I will be gone in REdmond but you can give me the puppy on the 27. Your freind Lainey

Dear Santa Is Ruldolph ready for the big flight and is Rudolph’s nose nic and shiny? How is the temperature up there is it cold? Ok my Christmas lis I hop that I would get a football, remote contrul helicopeter, and candy please. Yours truly, Conan

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? Is it very cold in the North Pole? I would like a quad and one outfit and a pair of shoes. Sincerel, Brodeyn

Dear Santa Claus, Who helps you make the presents? How fast does your sleigh go? I would like a Hello Kitty Microphone and headphones. I help mom and dad clean my room. Sincerely, Kyleah

Dear Santa, I was wondering which house are you going to first? How many elf’s do you have? What is the temperature all the way over their in the north pole? For christmas may I please have these things like a goldfish, Zooble’s, fureal and what I Want most is a big Zebra pilow pet. Sincerely, Jaimee

Dear, Santa Claus How are your raindeer? I want candy in my stocking. I am going to be in Hawaii on Christmas. How are your elf’s? What does the North Pole looks like? What is the temperature there? I can’t wait until you come. from, Andie

Dear Santa Claus, Hi. How old are you? When and where di you get married? Can I have a D.S.I. and a live horse. Sincerely, Mikhaila

Dear Santa C. How old are you what is the temperature does the reindeer like carrot I would like a 3.D.S with same game, a Obi won Kennobi star fieter, and all the Diary of a winmpy Kid books. sincerely, Canon

Dear Santa Claus, I want to tell you if you could make my new baby borther’s Christmas merry. Next would you please get me an easey bake oven, a wii, and a Monster High doll. Thank you Santa Claus. Sincerely, Carmen