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Elma: Weld

Ms. Weld

Second grade

Dear Santa, May I please have a book, a pack of markers, and a D.S.? Santa, have a nice holiday. Thank you for reading my letter. Maya

Dear Santa, You aer very nice. How aer you? doing! I had been good this year. Can I please get a airhog. Then I want a Lego set. Thank you. Have a nice holiday. You rock! Love, Andrew

Dear Santa, Do your elves make presents? Can I have a puppy for Christmas please? Can I have a Xbox 360 please? Can I have Gerse of warse? You’re the best! Thank you Santa. Love, Brett

Dear Santa, I was being good this year. Can the elves give me a nice Present? How are you? Can I have a football it is brown and a basketball and a Monster truck for Christmas. Santa is awesome. Thank you. Love Landon

Dear Santa, Thankes for all the presents you give kids every year! Can I have a pack of bubll-gum for Christmas? Could I also get a poster? Also can I get a football flag? Thank you Claus. You rock! Sincerely, your friend, Cooper

Dear Santa, Have I been good this year? This is’nt just about presents it’s about Jeasus. May I have a real pupy a teteabare please. And best of all a new frend. A robot ponye. Thank you Santa. You rock Santa. Love, Jade.

Dear Santa, Can I have a Dirt Bike and a pack of cologne and a quad. Thank you Santa. You are awesome. Love, Kysin

Dear Santa, I would like a D.S.I. Because they are cool! A toy that is a big toy Shark. They are my favorite! I would like book’s I love to read! Have a fun Christmas! Thank you Santa. Your friend, Mikah

Dear Santa, Has anyone seen you! Could you pleas get my Just Dance Four and a mini motorcycle and art set! Christmas is my favorite holiday. Thank you Santa. Love, Saige.

Dear Santa, Is there snow up there? How are you! You are very nice! Can I please hav a surprise for Christmas! Thank you. Love, Adyn

Dear Santa, I have been really awesome this year. Could you please get me Xbox 3600 and a ANGY BIDS Ipad and Air Hogs and ot ron the game! Santa Claus have a awesome weekend. Thank you Love, Connor

Dear Santa, You are the best Santa! Your sleigh is cool! Can I please have an X box 360 and games come with it and a Rondoma and a foot ball? Thank you Santa. Have an awome Christmas. L0ve, Riley

Dear Santa, You reindeer are pretty! I have been good. Your elves are nics. I would like a wiiu and in it new super Mario Bros.u with 4 canchors, Gak in the dork. and Light Brics. Thank you Santa and have a nice diner. Love, Paco

Dear Santa, Santa you are very cool! I want a present. D.S. I want a Lego Fighter. I also want a Hot Weels a new one. Have a cool day on your sled. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Thank you Santa. Your friend, Chance.

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. How are you? Can I have a truck for Christmas? Thank you Santa. Have a nice day. Love, Jake.

Dear Santa, Christmas is not just about presents. its about family and most of its Jesus’s birthday. I want a camra. I want to know how to yous it. I’m going to be a traveler when I grow up. I want a hero factory. My brother got one and they looked cool! thank you my favorite cookie monster. Sincerely, DyLan

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I am doing great. May I please have a toy truke and a D.S. Thank you Santa. Thank you Santa for giving us present. Sincerly Nicole.

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. Did you have a nice summer? How is your wife? May I please have a fur real bunny. the light brown one. A swiming barbie. And last but not least, a really cute stuffed baby panda. and snow. Thank you Santa. Merry Christmas. Your #1 fan, Madison!

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I am exited about Christmas. I would lik a nice water color pait set and a big roll of paper too go with it. I would also like paint brushes. Thank you Santa. Have a great Christmas. Love, Jacqueline

Dear Santa, I think you are really nice for bringing me presents! How is it easy to tell your elves what to do? Can I please have some new shoes? May I have a new book? Thank you Santa Claus. You rock! Your friend, Brooklyne

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