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Elma: Vessey

Elma Elementary

Mrs. Vessey

First grade

Dear Santu, Santu Hi! How is mises koz! I din gob at sol! I will like a mostr thuck with a wagin with a mostr and a gter! Love, Jeremy

Dear Santa, Hi! What are you doing? I want a Barbie. Love, Maria

Dear SAnta, Hi! My nam is Taya. haww is ms kloz? Is seh dooen good? I hept with my MoM. I woot a dog. Love, Taya

Dear Santa Hi! how are you. can you ples giv me a hoos and a hoos sabl. I will lev cuces on the table. Kendra

Dear Santa, Hi! can you breme a muquien gams. can you breme a fopol bol. Love, Cristian

Dear SAtna, Hi! Santa Hau ur you Have you doog? I likes Santa. ckan you gene a 4 dog pes? Carlos

Dear Santa, Hi! Santa don’t yu like cokes wel Ill giv you sum. Iv bin rile good this yer I dasrv a pesint bekas Iv Bin good in Sckool. I riley want a BaBy aliv ples. And I want a Stript Hoda Hoop Camberly

Dear Santa, Hloe! I feed the rabits evree day. Haw ear you kan I plys soopr moreeoe brose foor crismis Love, Bobby

Dear Santa, hello! how are you and Mrs. Clos Santa? Hop the rane dear our redey. Have I ben good. I have unloded the dish washer with mymom. Prezars our gurca be on the back Plese breg me these thens? 1. I phone 5 2. Kendoll fire H.d. 3. Call of duty black ops zom-b back for I phone 5. 4. X box Live 5. Competr Love, A.J.

Dear Santa, Hi! I do god at scol. I want a DrumB Love, RogelioDear Santa, Hi! I wot a box of marup. I wot a pupeu. I love you! Santa! I undlod my dithwdr. I wot a rabit. I wot a babaliv. I wot a thine evens. Love, Karly.

Dear SAnta Hi! how end your rab? I hep my sestr I wot a howuhow Love, Wesley

Dear Santa, Hi! Haw aer you? I wunt a qwad Santa. I bin helpg my mom. Wll you bring me quad? Santa. Love, Brandon

Dear SAnta, Howa is Mrs Santa? can you beng me a Rabbit and a cat? Love, Kadince

Dear SAnta, Hi! Santa how are you? I ben good in scool. ma you ples breg a nut crcacr. ma you breg me some sqeqeces Love, Rylee

Dear Santa Hi! I want a toy. I was feeding the chicins Love, Adam WII

Dear Santa, Hi! I hop I am not on the noty list? becus Ihave ben feeding my hapstr. May I have an ex-box-360 pleas Love, Kyle

Dear Santa, hi! how is roodof the red nose randeer? I cleen my room. Plees can you bring me a kindlfire. Love, Emmie

Dear Santa, Hi! I hop yoo get me a lot av presis! I bem cleneing my room. can I have a capetr. can I have a bane. can I have a mace.can I have a stowrs lapset Love, Joshua

Dear SAnta, Hi! How ro you? I wot a hoola hoop. Love, Elizabeth