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Beacon: Mrs. Green

Mrs. Green

Second and third grade

Dear Santa, I want a crib for my doll and a stroller with a bttl. I want a sopes slippers they have wings. I want a drm light wall mart has them. I want a bur with a bttl. Happy Christmas! Love, Tierra

Dear Santa, I want a dis. I am asking for you to brting me a snoman. I want a frog. I wat a puppy. Love Damon

Dear Santa, How do you reideer fly? I am asking fur a stars wars wrang birds. I also want a ninji turtll. I hop you are happy. I have ben god. Love, Elijah

Dear Santa, I am asking for a DVD. I like cats and dogs 2. I want a video game like any kind of fiting one. I also want a kitty and a snake or a new toy. I want you to enjoy my coikes and meck. Love, Arley

Dear Santa, I want a cat. I am asking Santa for a car. I wat a Ipad. I would like a remote controlled car. Thank you and I love you Santa. Thanks for the prasents and I love your rontdr and I lik the one with the red nos the most. And I just love you vry mch. I will sen you a cocs. Love, Micah

Dear Santa, I want a fire kidl. I am asking fur a stuifed aligatoor. A big one. I wis mom had cndl I also want a rindr Love, Cheyanne

Dear Santa, I wan a bik. I am asking yo fur a red car. I wat a stfed anil cat I wuld lik a rnedr I luf u. Love, Joey

Dear Santa, I want a computer and a screen tv and a qurd to and a 3 dsxl. Hi Santa clas and the ranedear too and the elfes too Love, Cadence

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