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Superior Court Record

This new Criminal, Domestic and Civil case list is transcribed from information that was filed recently with the Grays Harbor County Superior Court. Neither the court nor the court administrator makes any representation as to accuracy and completeness of the data except for court purposes. The names provided in this report cannot be associated with any particular individual without individual case research.


State of Wash. v. Don Charles Owens II, 1st-degree illegal possession of firearm; protection order violation/previous conviction.

State of Wash. v. Carmella Jean Brooks, residential burglary.

State of Wash. v. Nikolas R. Ilonumi, 2nd-degree identity theft.

State of Wash. v. Ronald Alfred Antonson, 1st-degree child molestation.

State of Wash. v. Jeremy Lee Ritchie, 1st-degree child molestation.

State of Wash. v. Derrick D. Klautush, 1st-degree burglary.

State of Wash. v. Timothy Hill, 2nd-degree assualt/deadly weapon.

State of Wash. v. Joseph Harold Steen, indecent exposure to person.

State of Wash. v, Derek Robert Ludington, failure to register as sex offender.

State of Wash v. James Isom Collins, waiving extradition.

State of Wash v. Adam L. Linday, waiving extradition.

State of Wash. v. Kevin Nicholas Stoken, residential burglary.

State of Wash. v. Brandon J. Roberts, 2nd-degree assualt/deadly weapon.

State of Wash. v. Zachary Guy Madison, 2nd-degree possessing stolen property/accessory to delivery.

State of Wash. v. Jesse J. Ayson, taking vehicle w/o permission.

State of Wash. v. Taylor Marie Burckhard, 2nd-degree burglary.

State of Wash. v. Todd Alan Pickering, residential burglary.

State of Wash. v. Brandon Lee Boullion, felony eluding of police vehicle.

State of Wash. v. Todd lewis Brogan, Felony bail jumping.


Bryan Michael Crawford v. Sarah Jayne Crawford, legal separation.

Samantha Loomis v. Isaac John Loomis, dissolution.

Clayton Lewis Emery and Kelly Jolene Emery v. Steven M. Lash and Roxanne Lea Jones, custody.

Angela Lee Dotson v. Michele T. Akers and Clarence E. Yeoman, custody.

Christa Fraindenburg v. Steven D. Fraindenburg, dissolution.

Tiffany Dawn Johnson v. Reynaldo Anthony Resto Jr., parenting plan.

Gena Jolene Greenway v. Westley Allen Greenway.

Michael T. McCarty v. Chelsie Faye Beesley, parenting plan.

Andy Dwayne Taylor v. Abby Lynn Synder, dissolution.

John Brynn Wickstrom Jr. v. Jesse Lynn Wickstrom, dissolution.

Andrea L. Murdaugh v. Benny Eugene Sherman, parenting plan.

Aquila Margit Stoneking v. Vincent John Stoneking, modification/support only.

Bryn Johanna Ford v. Robert Kenneth Ford, dissolution.

Gary B. Reed v. Sonya M. Reed, dissolution.

Frank William Boren v. Jena Michele Nagala, modification.

Karna Marie Grenon-Brooner v. Daniel Walter Brooner, dissolution.

Anita Luisa Hernandez v. Jose Antonio Zalazar Ramirez, dissolution.

Rosette Lynn Sheraton v. Henry Elgin Binford, dissolution.

Robin Sherree Clayton v. Kris M. Clayton, dissolution.

Donald Wayne Johnson v. Kristin Korene Johnson, dissolution.

Jessica Leigh West v. Brian Jay West, dissolution.


Commercial Bank v. Corrine Winters, unlawful detainer.

Estella Sung Cho v. Chang Hyun Cho, domestic violence.

Mike and Tessie Lang v. Codey Leach and Lacy Leach, unlawful detainer.

Erin Apartments & RV LLC v. Shanna Whitchurch, unlawful detainer.

Ronald D. Maxum v. Wendy Bruckman, unlawful detainer.

Walter C. Garrett Jr. v. Roger W. Graham and Wendy H. Graham and Laboratory Corporation of America, medical malpractice.

Lori Ann Stoken v. Joseph David Bentz, domestic violence.

Tina Mudgett v. Ronald R. Kistner, tort motor vehicle.

Michelle Lynn Pratt v. Jonathan Walter Gaston Arndt, stalking protection order.

First National Bank of Omaha v. Patti J. Ramey, commercial.

Natalie Eileen Pickernell, foreign protection.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Richard Chestnut, Shelby Chestnut and Billie-Mae Klein, foreclosure.

Patricia Joanne Lewis v. Myra Lynn Keel, domestic violence.

Discover Bank v. Tomothy M. Allen, commercial.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Grimblot Inc. and Blue Beacon, tax warrant.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Wendy Marie Sinkula, tax warrant.

Deanna Leigh Woods v. Christopher Mark Peters, domestic violence.

Aberdeen Landing LLC v. City of Aberdeen, land petition.

Homestreet Bank v. Erin D. Howe, unlawful detainer.

Tracy L. Bastian v. Christian Atley Newton, foreign protection.

Don Eaton v. Cindy and Walter Peebles, unlawful detainer.

Rose Properties v. Jamie Robbins, unlawful detainer.

Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Larry C. Swanson, commercial.

Stone Creek Financial Inc. v. Kelly R. Frickell, transcript of judgment.

Timberland Bank v. Westport Homes Inc., Susan Snow, Jason G. Duus, Renee E. Duus, Paul A. Schaefer and Coast Drive Investments, commercial.

Pamela Gail Kinnaman v. Robert Eugene Larson, domestic violence.

Capital One Bank v. Dwayne Henderson, commercial.

Dept. of Revenue v. H&E Coffee LLC, tax warrant.

Dept. of Revenue v. Rhonda G. Fink, tax warrant.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Grays Pourhouse, tax warrant.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Teds Red Apple, tax warrant.

Capital One Bank USA v. Traci Andrews, commercial.

Carol Ann Traversie v. William Edward Traversie, vulnerable adult.

Gerald Lee Jones v. Jeffrey Eugene Jones, domestic violence.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Sharon J. Simmons, Todd E. Anthony and Security State Bank, foreclosure.

Raymond Brenneman v. Brandon Davis and Krissy Hansen, unlawful detainer.

Timberland Bank v. B&D Inc. NW, William Freeman, Sherry Freeman, Dan Ashenbrenner and Sarah Ashenbrenner, commercial.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC v. Tammy D. Davio, Joseph Thomas Davio and Navy Federal Credit Union, foreclosure.