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Superior Court — Criminal 08/16/12

The following are summaries of selected cases filed in Grays Harbor County Superior Court for alleged crimes and individuals in our primary readership area. Information is from public court records. The complete superior court docket is available at Individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Cameron Jay Arnold — Arnold, 23, of Hoquiam was charged Aug. 1 with first-degree possession of a firearm.

On June 30, Hoquiam police were dispatched to an audible alarm on Lincoln Street.

Responding officers did not find any signs of attempted entry to cause the alarm, but saw a truck was across the street.

Officers approached to speak to two individuals at the truck, one outside next to the driver door, the other behind the wheel in the truck. As officers approached, the man later identified as Arnold, walked away. One officer spoke to the driver as the other went behind the vehicle.

The driver said Arnold ducked behind his truck as he heard the police vehicle approach the area.

The second officer found a loaded, small chrome-plated pistol inside a hole of a cement block behind the truck.

Arnold was later located and arrested on outstanding warrants. Investigation of the ownership of the pistol led back to Arnold through several witnesses. As a convicted felon, he is barred from possessing firearms.

Arraignment was Aug. 6; no bail was set.

Michael L. Cooper — Cooper, 22, of Aberdeen, was charged July 23 with delivery of heroin in a school zone.

In May 2012, the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force began investigating Cooper for allegedly selling heroin. Cooper’s residence is within 200 feet of a school.

On May 17, Cooper allegedly sold heroin to a confidential informant on May 17, May 31 and July 12 in controlled buys.

Based on the investigation a search warrant was granted and executed on July 26. During the serving of the warrant, Cooper was found at home allegedly with small amounts of methamphetamine in the residence.

No further information was available.

Eric Ventura Galeana — Galeana, 20, of Aberdeen was charged July 31 with assault in violation of a domestic violence no contact order.

Galeana was issued a domestic violence no contact order on July 2. The order has an expiration date of July 2, 2013.

On July 30, Grays Harbor sheriff’s deputies responded to a call that an assault had just happened.

Galeana allegedly arrived at the residence of his wife in violation of the no contact order, was advised to leave but would not, asking if the relationship could be worked out. Galeana allegedly grabbed his spouse and struck her, threatening to take her son with him. After approximately one hour, he reportedly said he would leave if the police were not involved.

Deputies observed signs of a struggle at the residence, damage to a door and bruising on the woman’s face.

Galeana was found at his job, where he denied the incident happened.

Arraignment was Aug. 6, bail is set at $25,000.

Kyle J. Hatch — Hatch, 27, of Montesano was charged Aug. 1 with forgery.

On July 31, a Montesano resident received a call from a credit union in Hoquiam in regards to a check being cashed on his account.

As the person attempting to cash the check did not have an account with the bank, it was a matter of policy to call the account holder. As the cashier was making the call, the person, identified as Hatch, left the bank.

Montesano police contacted Hatch at work. He allegedly said he took a check from a checkbook left in the vehicle after he had been working on it, left for lunch to cash a check, and than returned to work.

Arraignment was Aug. 6; no bail was set.

Greg Orin Knutson — Knutson, 52, of Elma was charged July 27 with first-degree child molestation.

On Feb. 27, a Grays Harbor County teen told her parents about an incident involving Knutson approximately six years ago.

According to the girl, who was younger than 12 years old at the time of the alleged incident, the two stopped to watch some motorcycle riders while out walking trails with Knutson near a family member’s homes. After they had watched for a while, the two started heading back to the home via a gravel pit, but the girl was not ready to return.

Knutson allegedly said if she would expose herself, they would walk additional trails before returning. The girl also recalled that Knutson was drinking a beer at the time. The girl stood in front of Knutson, who allegedly touched her in a sexual manner. After the alleged touching, Knutson reportedly told the girl that no one should ever find out about the incident.

Knutson allegedly told deputies that when he drinks he does stupid stuff and could give no reason why the teen would lie.

Arraignment was July 30; no bail was set.

William N. Lewis — Lewis, 48, of Hoquiam, was charged July 31 with second-degree theft.

On July 30, Aberdeen police were dispatched to a reported theft at South West Park Street and Wishkah Avenue.

Police dispatch provided a description of a vehicle and said a witness was following the truck, which had 12-inch pipe in its bed. Officers contacted the truck driver and the witness after the truck pulled off the road.

The driver, identified as Lewis, reportedly said he had noticed scrap materials a few days earlier. Lewis reportedly said he collected the scrap intending to sell it. The witness identified the materials as two 7-foot trench box spreaders and a tailgate extension for a service truck with a value of $1,750.

At the scene, Lewis allegedly attempted to return the materials to the witness.

Arraignment was Aug. 6; bail is set at $10,000.

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