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Superior Court — Criminal — 10/4/2012

The following are summaries of selected cases filed in Grays Harbor County Superior Court for alleged crimes and individuals in our primary readership area. Information is from public court records. The complete superior court docket is available at Individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Amy Sue Anderson — Anderson, a.k.a. Amy Sue Bell, 38, a transient of Aberdeen, was charged Sept. 14 with possession of methamphetamine.

On Sept. 5, Aberdeen police were dispatched to a home improvement store on Port Dock Road in Aberdeen in response to a possible shoplifting incident. Anderson was arrested on outstanding warrants. She was searched at the scene and allegedly was found to have a substance that field-tested for methamphetamine.

Arraignment was Sept. 17; bail was set at $10,000.

Andrea M. Hahn — Hahn, 46, of Westport, was charged Sept. 14 with possession of heroin.

As Hahn passed through mandatory security screening at the Hoquiam Social Security office, the federal security officer on duty searched her purse and found a can of pepper spray, which was placed to the side, and a candy tin that Hahn immediately grabbed from him. The guard grabbed her wrist, opened the tin in her hand and allegedly found a small plastic baggie with a brown substance that later tested positive for heroin.

Hahn was arrested for suspicion of heroin and additional outstanding Benton County felony warrants.

Bail was set at $10,000.

Gary D. Hammell — Hammell, 33, of Longbranch was charged Sept. 14 with third-degree assault.

Sept. 13, an Aberdeen police officer on patrol was alerted to a reckless driver around the 300 block of Oak Street.

The officer located a vehicle parked along Oak Street matching the description. When the officer approached, the driver, identified as Hammell, was talking on his cell phone. Hammell started his vehicle and turned on his lights. The officer pounded the hood and told him to get off the phone and turn off his vehicle. Hammell allegedly responded by stating, “why are you bothering me? why are you talking to me?” His speech was slurred and the officer detected the smell of alcohol.

Allegedly Hammell was uncooperative to any of the officer’s request to get out of the vehicle, turn off the vehicle and/or provide identification. The officer attempted to open the driver’s door, advising Hammell that he was under arrest, but Hammell allegedly pushed the door open, hit the officer with the door, shut it and locked the door. The officer gained entry through the unlocked passenger door and used her Taser to subdue Hammell after he allegedly shoved her to the ground. Additional units of the Hoquiam Police Department arrived on the scene to assist.

Bail was set at $50,000.

Ambra Shey Mallory — Mallory, 20, of Tokeland was charged Sept. 19 with second-degree theft.

On Sept. 17, Aberdeen police were dispatched to an Aberdeen department store where a loss prevention officer had Mallory in custody. The prevention officer told police that he observed Mallory for two hours in the store adding items to her cart before attempting to leave the store without paying. The total amount in of items was valued at $1,063.26.

Aberdeen police arrested Mallory and took her to the Aberdeen jail.

Arraignment was Sept. 24; bail was set at $25,000.

Miguel A. Membreno-Rivera — Membreno-Rivera, 48, of Aberdeen was charged Sept. 14 with possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

On Aug. 14, the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force was conducting a warrant sweep of the Aberdeen and Hoquiam areas. One of the warrants led them to an address on Randall Street where Membreno-Rivera was present. The detectives asked if the person named on the warrant was at home and were allowed to enter and search for her. Membreno-Rivera walked with detectives during the search of the apartment, which did not locate the person named on the warrant. During their search, detectives observed tools and materials commonly utilized used in the drug trade and saw several cars stop, with people getting out only to return to their cars to leave once they saw the taskforce. One woman was asked why she stopped at the home and allegedly said it was to purchase drugs.

On Aug. 23, the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force set up surveillance of the Randall Street address and observed several people stop, make contact with Membreno-Rivera and depart.

On Sept. 6, a search warrant was obtained on the Randall Street address; investigators allegedly found evidence of methamphetamine distribution.

Bail was set at $10,000.

William L. Sumner — Sumner, 62, of McCleary was charged Sept. 20 with first-degree rape of a child.

March 2012, McCleary Police Department started an investigation from a report of the mother of a child born in 2003.

After one of her overnight stays with “Uncle Bill,” identified as Sumner, the child told her mother that Sumner touched her privates. The girl said she was having trouble sleeping at night so she entered Sumner’s bedroom. He was in his bed watching a movie with the girl’s sleeping brother. Sumner allowed her to get in bed as he continued to watch the movie. He allegedly showed the child some explicit pictures from the internet, which she disliked. During the rest of the night, Sumner allegedly repeatedly touched and fondled the child and the child repeatedly asked him to stop.

Arraignment was Sept. 24; bail was set at $50,000.