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Superior Court — Civil and Domestic 08/30/12

This new civil and domestic case list is transcribed from information that was filed recently with the Grays Harbor County Superior Court.


Discover Bank Issuer of the Discover Card v. Heidi A. Peek; J. Doe Peek. Commercial.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Jeffrey L. Stevens. Commercial.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. 101 Walker Inc. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. J. Collins & Sons LLC. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Revenue v. Timber Gym Inc. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Revenue v. Juanita M. Samione. Tax Warrant.

John A. Mendoza v. Sandra Rose Calica. Domestic Violence.

Cindy Ann Robins v. Robert Joseph Sturgill. Domestic Violence.

Vanessa Marie Goodenough v. Stefan Paul Grover. Domestic Violence.

Employment Security Dept. v. Ronald S. Gallagher. Tax Warrant.

Portfolio Recovery Associates v. David Thibodeau; Jane Doe Thibodeau. Commercial.

Citibank NA v. Mary E. Clinton. Commercial.

Michael Trujillo v. Jason Draghi. Unlawful Detainer.

Dept. of Revenue v. Robert R. Failor; Betta R. Failor. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Revenue v. Cedarwood Shingle Leguizamo Inc. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Revenue v. Juicy Tan LLC. Tax Warrant.

Donna Pauley v. Public Utility Dist. No. 1; Comcast of Washington IV Inc. Miscellaneous.

Brittany Marlenhope Leal v. Henry Herrera Montealegre. Domestic Violence.

Brandi Elise Markishtum v. John P. Broten. Foreign Protection.

Stephanie K. Starr v. Leona Ruth Starr. Froeign Protection.

McClelland Capital DBA Broadway Villa Mobile v. Russell Jackson; Sara Benz. Unlawful Detainer.

Michael Gray v. Crystal Silvas. Unlawful Deatiner.

Citibank NA v. Christine Mansfield. Commercial.

US Bank National Association v. Gregory A. Kwiatkowski; and/or Other Unknown Occupants. Unlawful Detainer.


Michelle Jacobs v. Floyd Jacobs. Dissolution.

Rachelle Dawn Erickson v. Brandon Scott Reeder; Mary Eunice Pettis. Custody.

Rachelle Dawn Erickson v. Brandon Scott Reeder. Parenting Plan.

State of Washington v. Dean Robert Hansen; Danyle Louise Olmstead. Modification.

Roberta D. Masterson; Thomas Ray Masterson v. Angela Kristen Masterson; Joshua Wayne Strickland. Custody.

Elfrina Hunt Lubrin v. David Miles Rogerson. Parenting Plan.

Douglas B. Zepp v. Keeta M. Zepp. Legal Separation.

Tracy Marvee Duncan v. Mark Daniel Duncan. Modification.

Clyde M. Fraser v. Linda M. Fraser. Dissolution.

Chad D. Cokeley v. Heather J. Cokeley. Dissolution.

Clyde Raymond Shult v. Brenda Lee Shult. Dissolution.

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