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Superior Court — Civil and Domestic 05/31/12

This new Civil and Domestic case list is transcribed from information that was filed recently with the Grays Harbor County Superior Court.


Matthew J. Reardon v. Melissa Moore. Unlawful Detainer.

Dennis P. Difilippo v. Victoria Hodge. Unlawful Deatiner.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Bruce L. Walloch; Jane Doe Walloch; Albert E. Nuttall; Jane Doe Nuttall. Unlawful Detainer.

Richard Pennant v. Andrew Churlin. Unlawful Deatiner.

Washington Architectural Hardware Co. Inc. v. Francisovich Inc.; Jack A. McPherson; Carol McPherson; American States Insurance Co. Collection.

Tracy Stoken; Joshua Stoken v. Bree-Ann Lopez; Thomas A. Brown. Minor Settlement.

Dept. of Revenue v. Buck Naked Espresso Inc. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Revenue v. Daniels Industrial Group Inc.; Daniels Trucks. Tax Warrant.

Alice G. Jacobs v. Milton Owen Jacobs. Domestic Violence.

Olson & Zabriskie Inc. V. Richard Jacobs; Erich Zoellner; Rei-Mei Zoellner. Miscellaneous.

Jaynie Lurene Cahoon v. Austin James Terrell. Domestic Violence.

Hoquiam Plywood Company Inc. v. Lytle Logging & Mercantile Co.; Lester W. Taft. Quiet Title.

Timberland Bank v. Roger Michelsen; Joyce Michelsen. Unlawful Detainer.

Carol Jeanne Brownrigg v. Budd W. Bishop. Domestic Violence.

Mark Doyle; M&M Harbor Properties v. Joshua Strickland. Unlawful Detainer.

Westport by the Sea Phase III; Vantage Comm. Management v. Chris Glenn; Greg L. Vierra. Commercial.

Capital One Bank v. Zoe M. Larkin. Commercial.

Citibank South Dakota, NA v. Patricia Cole. Commercial.

Wardie L. Graham v. Howard D. Brenton; Jane Doe Brenton. Tort Motor Vehicle.

Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Dwayne Alley; Jane Doe Alley. Commercial.

Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Steven R. Philpott; Jane Doe Philpott. Commercial.

Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Raymond E. Shustak; Jane Doe Shustak. Commercial.

Discover Bank Issuer of the Discover Card v. Karen E. Woodbeck; Doe I. Woodbeck. Commercial.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Doyle Brothers Construction Inc. Tax Warrant.

Sandra Lee Gallington v. David E. Hays. Domestic Violence.

Jace Alan Micheau, Jr. v. Donald R. Carner, Jr. Domestic Violence.

David Carpenter v. Edwin Boe; Angela Boe. Unlawful Detainer.

EGP Investments LLC v. Larry D. Miller; Jane Doe Miller. Transcript of Judgment.

EGP Investments LLC v. Vicki S. Wells; Michael J. Wells. Transcript of Judgment.

Paintermens LLC v. Arndt Brothers Inc. Commercial.

Mary Georgeanne Kalama v. Dimitri Mark Johnson. Foreign Protection.

Candice C. Curley Sailto v. John Morton Sailto, Jr. Foreign Protection.

Dept. of Revenue v. Donald G. Smith; J. Doe Smith. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Revenue v. Jennifer N. Cairns; John Doe Cairns. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Revenue v. Kelley M. Langford; J. Doe Langford. Tax Warrant.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Don Hagara Trucking Inc. Tax Warrant.

Jay D. Barrett v. Jeff Nelson; Wendy Nelson. Unlawful Deatiner.

Andrew Churlin v. Richard Pennant Commercial.

Cassandra Dee Pigott v. Daniel Dwayne Ross. Domestic Violence.

Robert Judge; Fetty B. Glynn Judge v. Sunmark Properties; Richard Sun. Abstract of Judgment.

Nicolas Cirrotti v. William Avery; Sonja Clark. Unlawful Detainer.

Jane E. Erlandsen v. Amy Blakley. Unlawful Detainer.

Pamela R. Rice; Pamela Hanson v. Robyn Vanlohuizen. Unlawful Deatainer.

We Capital Inc. v. John Stutesman; Joseph Stutesman; Staci Hurley. Unlawful Detainer.

21st Mortgage Corp. v. Shelly T. Steavens; Dynamic Collectors Inc. Foreclosure.

Amber Rose Carney v. Kristopher Michael West. Domestic Violence.

Litonya April Blazek v. Casey Leroy Rager. Domestic Violence.

Cach LLC v. Jerold Monahan. Commercial.

Springleaf Financial Services v. John Does 1 – 10. Unlawful Detainer.

Terri L. Wilbur v. State of Washington Dept. of Child Support. Commercial.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Stable Systems Inc. Tax Warrant.

Employment Security Dept. v. Grayport Transfer & Storage. Tax Warrant.

Employment Security Dept. v. Grimblot Inc. Tax Warrant.


Brandi Meggan Mathison v. Zachary Guy Madison. Parenting Plan.

Penny Lee Jenkins v. Michael Ray Lake, Jr. Parenting Plan.

Wendy Elaine Howard v. Jerrell Wayne Oglesby. Modification.

Maria A. Romero v. Wilfredo Merino, Sr.; Juana Garcia. Parenting Plan.

Courtney Wright v. Ryan Wright. Dissolution.

Britt Maria Hathaway v. Jeffrey Edward Hathaway. Dissolution.

State of Washington v. Timothy D. Foster; Tammy Marie Leithold. Modification.

Elisa Marie Williams v. Robert Lynn Taylor. Parenting Plan.

James A. Burns v. Cynthia Burns. Dissolution.

Melissa N. Sturgill v. Sean E. Sturgill. Dissolution.

Suresh C. Thomas v. Diane E. Thomas. Dissolution.

Dwayne William Freiley; Autumn Melodi Melvard v. Jessica Elizabeth Freiley; Dustin Cody Smith. Custody.

Marjorie L. Jennings-Adams; Charles Duane Adams v. Heather Renee Hughes. Custody.

Kimberly Kay Brazzell v. Alan Jared Brazzell. Dissolution.

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