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Public Records: Superior Court

This new Civil case list is transcribed from information that was filed recently with the Grays Harbor County Superior Court. Neither the court nor the court administrator makes any representation as to accuracy and completeness of the data except for court purposes. The names provided in this report cannot be associated with any particular individual without individual case research.


Precision Recovery Analytics v. Valerie Sullivan, commercial.

Daniel Timothy Rigsby v. State of Wash., miscellaneous.

Vendor Resource Management v. Jack and Pamela Jacobsen, unlawful detainer.

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Carol L. Wilson, estate of Lila M. Leroy, estate of Donna Shedd, miscellaneous.

Nationstar Mortgage v. Duane Burger, Debra Larson, Robert Burger, Vickie Lusher, U.S.A, State of Wash., foreclosure.

Shawn Francis v. Dept. of Corrections, miscellaneous.

National Cooperative Bank v. Vinmar LLC, Ted’s Red Apple Inc., Rick Bridgeman, Shawn Bridgeman, Marlene J. Givens, trustee of the M. Givens Trust, Associated Gricers Inc., Market Finance Co., Supermarket Development Corp., United Grocers Inc., foreclosure.

Stacy Edith Quarles v. Steven Allen Babineau Jr., domestic violence.

David Edward Archer v. Lanny Groski, harassment.

Verdia Ann Roy v. Shelly Ann Johnson, domestic violence.

Kim Lucille Widger v. Marshal William Taylor, domestic violence.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Joseph Shriver and Kimberly Shriver, unlawful detainer.

Ralph P. Moore v. Belinda Nelson and Layton Bailey, unlawful detainer.

Dept. of Revenue v. Witimaki Jewelry Store Inc., tax warrant.

David Edward Archer v. Keith Joel Sisk, stalking protection.

Gerald Stanley King v. Debra Linnea Seidle, domestic violence.

Midland Funding LLC v. Jobey Chaisson, commercial.

GTF Services LLC v. Kayla A. Palm, commercial.

Chi Luu v. Edwon Peters, unlawful detainer.

Laura Meas v. Michael J. Pena, unlawful detainer.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Charles John Logan, tax warrant.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Cuz-D Manufacturing Inc., tax warrant.

George Helland v. Dept. of Labor & Industries, administrative law review.

Melinda Rose Bogdanovich v. Gregory Grant Bogdanovich, domestic violence.

Dept. of revenue v. Hung Well Gutters, tax warrant.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Richard William Knauf, tax warrant.

The Bail Co. Inc. v. Kim Michele Shomer, miscellaneous.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. Grayport Transfer & Storage Co., tax warrant.

Dept. of Labor & Industries v. A A Star Transfer Co. Inc., tax warrant.

Brumfield Construction Inc. v. Brookside Cranberry Vintners and Christopher Tiffany, commercial.

Gray’s Pourhouse Inc., Tyler Tollefson and Jade Lundy v. Aberdeen Pourhouse LLC, unlawful detainer.

Lake Icon Portfolio Management and E-Loan Inc. v. Aaron Byron and Kelly Byron, commercial.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. v. Darlen L. Kanyo, Nicole Flynn, Kris Kanyo, U.S.A and State of Wash., foreclosure.

Alisha N. Westling-Veloni v. Scott Charles Olson, domestic violence.

Aaron Wilson v. Jesse Wenger, Randy Wenger and Karen Wenger, personal injury.

Equable Ascent Financial LLC v. Terry J. Dubuc, abstract of judgment.

Capital One Bank v. Rhonda L. Emery, abstract of judgment.

Toyota Motor Credit Corp. v. Antione D. Johnson, collection.