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Montesano Police Blotter

This police blotter consists of reports made available by the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office.

Oct. 3

Assault, Simple. Strawberry Hill Road, Elma; 1:42 a.m. Daughter reports that mother has been hit in the face by mother’s boyfriend. Man left scene, then returned. Per instructions, is not opening the door. Deputy arrives on scene and arrests the man.

Damage to Vehicle. 100 Block of Wakefield Road; 8:51 a.m. Vehicle owner discovered tires on vehicle have been slashed.

Harassment. Clemons Road, Montesano; 4:21 p.m. Being harassed on Facebook.

Theft. 15 Murray Place, Elma; 1:13 p.m. Battery stolen from Suburban overnight; reporting for insurance purposes.

Oct. 4

Burglary. Hurd Road, Satsop; 3:43 p.m. Front door has been kicked in. Caller doesn’t own the house, thinks it’s owned by a bank. No signs indicating who actually owns it.

Oct. 6

Suspicious circumstance. 1900 Block of South Bank Road, Oakville; 5:21 p.m. Thick yellow powder found inside mail box.

Oct. 7

Burglary. 700 Block of Highway 107, Montesano; 8:42 p.m. Home found with backdoor kicked in. Neighbor saw a truck there previous night when home was supposed to be empty.

Oct. 8.

Burglary. County Farm Road, Montesano; 2:26 p.m. Found building broken into, items missing.

Burglary. 500 Block of Williams Creek Road, Oakville; 7:44 p.m. House pretty damaged on the inside — back door open, cupboards all open, inside ransacked.

Oct. 9

Theft. Linda Lane, Montesano; 12:41 p.m. Someone keeps cutting down respondent’s marijuana plants; has suspects in mind.

Oct. 10

Suspicious persons. Stillson Road, McCleary; 6:54 p.m. Two young men came to the door and talked to the female resident about their religion; asked if they could help her. Resident finds it odd that they didn’t have a car, went checking down the long driveway and didn’t see them. They were wearing a suit and tie.

Traffic accident. 500 Block of Monte Elma Road, Montesano; 9:47 p.m. One vehicle accident, occupant bleeding from the face. Vehicle is in the ditch, hit and broke a power pole.

Oct. 11.

Vehicle prowl. Fairgrounds Road, Elma; 9:57 a.m. Vehicle was prowled overnight, iPod stolen, medications taken and amplifier.

Oct. 12

Traffic accident. 1100 Block of Monte Elma Road, Elma; 5:23 p.m. Vehicle vs. tree; driver able to exit vehicle and tree still standing.

Noise ordinance violation. Malone Hill Branch Road, Malone; 12:34 a.m. Believes neighbor is drunk and playing the drums; has been trying to talk to the neighbor without success.

Traffic accident. Mox Chehalis Road, Malone; 3:24 a.m. White Toyota in the ditch; cited by deputy for wheels off the roadway and vehicle towed away.

Oct. 16

Suspicious person. 100 Block of Middle Satsop Road, Montesano; 8:13 p.m. Male subject “staggering down” middle of the roadway toward Brady carrying a rifle.