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Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office

Thursday, Oct. 18

Weapons Offense, Meyers Lane, Oakville, 1:04 p.m.: The caller’s 19-year-old daughter got into a vehicle with her 30-year-old boyfriend after an argument with the woman’s parents in which the boyfriend brandished a sawed-off shotgun. The caller believed both were high on drugs and may harm somebody. The vehicle was located by the Washington State Patrol at the boyfriend’s Murray Place residence near Elma. It was towed and impounded as evidence; the daughter was taken into custody for an interview.

Disorderly Conduct, Newman Creek Road, Satsop, 1:19 p.m.: A man was shouting and yelling about somebody killing his dog. He had the dog in a wheelbarrow. Investigation determined that the dog had been hit by a car.

Suspicious Circumstances, Stillson Branch Road, McCleary, 6:06 p.m.: A woman was reported on a bicycle with tools possibly trying to steal metal off a power pole. The pole seems to have a damaged wire. The area was checked.

Saturday, Oct. 20

Simple Assault, 1100 block Highway 12, Montesano, 4:16 p.m.: The caller’s 10-year-old daughter reportedly was slapped in the face by a neighbor at a nearby play field. Aid was refused on scene.

Animal-Dangerous Dog, 900 block South Bank Road, Elma, 4:41 p.m.: A neighbor reported an ongoing problem with a neighbor’s aggressive dogs growling and showing their teeth. The dogs were reported the prior day in a similar incident.

Sunday, Oct. 21

Disorderly Conduct, County Jail, Montesano, 12:08 a.m.: An inmate was cited for disorderly conduct for allegedly assaulting another inmate.

Monday, Oct. 22

Suspicious Circumstances, Elma Hicklin Road East and Highway 108, McCleary, 2:49 p.m.: Something odd was reported on the tracks with a propane tank on one end. It turned out to be a self-propelled railroad vehicle of a railroad foreman working in the area.

Vandalism, Minkler Road and Highway 107, Montesano, 4:32 p.m.: A caller said the Republican campaign signs reported damaged Oct. 19 have now been replaced with Democrat signs.

Animal Found: 100 block Powers Creek Road, Elma, 4:41 p.m.: A female white and black spotted dog weighing about 45 pounds has reportedly been in the area about three days. It was put in the animal log.

Tuesday, Oct. 23

Animal Problem, 200 block Monte Elma Road, 1:42 p.m.: A small black Labrador retriever puppy with a red handkerchief collar was reportedly struck by a blue sedan that kept driving without stopping. The puppy was in a ditch severely injured. The owner, who was several hours away, was reached by telephone. He asked that the puppy be euthanized on the scene to end its suffering. It was crying, bleeding and showed signs of internal injuries and broken bones. A deputy euthanized the puppy and returned it to the owner, as requested.

Burglary, Elma McCleary Road, Elma, 2:30 p.m.: A break-in at a travel trailer in the fairgrounds parking lot was reported. Suspect information was provided.

Juvenile Problem, 100 block Camp Creek Road, Montesano, 6:32 p.m.: A man reported his teenage son was out of control, throwing items. The boy agreed to go to bed.

Domestic Violence, Harding Road, Elma 7:05 p.m.: A caller requested contact regarding her teen-aged daughter, who reportedly has been pushing her and throwing things. The juvenile was advised not to hit or throw things.

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Fraud/Swindle/Confidence Game, Remmen Road, Elma, 12:32 p.m.: A woman reported that a former student of hers in an out-of-area school district has been blackmailing her for years. After he graduated, the woman said she kept in touch with him and occasionally gave him money. The now 24-year-old man reportedly took her credit card numbers and has been using them for years, threatening to accuse her of having had sex with him when he was a student if she refuses to keep giving him money.

Abandoned Vehicle, Buswell Road, Elma 11:10 p.m.: A vehicle was reported as abandoned on a dirt road. The driver and passengers reportedly are intoxicated and plan to return to the vehicle shortly to make repairs. Nobody was at the vehicle during the time the deputy was on site.