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Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Blotter

This police blotter is made up of reports made available by the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office.

March 13

Noise ordinance violation. 15 Murray Road, Elma; 12:14 a.m. Occupants contacted and told to turn the music down.

Burglary. Hurd Road, Satsop; 8:44 a.m. Doors broken off and items taken.

Dangerous dog. Todd Lane, Satsop; 5:24 p.m. Rottweiler was in yard, attacking dogs and goats. Husband tried to scare it away and ended up shooting the dog. Neighbors upset.

Burglary. 1000 Block of South Bank Road, Elma; 11:40 p.m. Vacant house broken into. Nothing missing. Damage to the walls.

March 14

Suspicious circumstance. Schouweiler Tracts Road E., Elma; 8:47 a.m. Two pairs of bolt cutters found outside location. No entry found.

Animal problem. Minkler Road, Montesano; 2:10 p.m. Horse found up to his chest in mud. Horse owner contacted and horse located. Horse had trouble getting out; water up to the horse’s back in spots. Four wheeler used by owner’s son to get the horse out. Animal Control says horse is in good condition.

March 16

Prowler. Evergreen Lane, Montesano; 7:53 p.m. Someone was outside pounding on the door. Looked outside and saw a male suspect running away. No vehicles seen. Dog at bottom of hill was barking as he ran away.

Civil dispute. Bush Creek Lake, Elma; 11:04 a.m. Neighbors have taken down respondent’s fence and burnt it. They are trying to clearcut three feet of respondent’s property to build a new fence. Neighbor tells deputy they’re just repairing a broken down fence.

Suspicious person. 15 Murray Place, Elma; 5:03 p.m. In the lobby of the Guesthouse Inn, mad that someone stole his cell phone from his car; knows who suspect is. Hotel concerned because two males now outside and “there is going to be a fight.”

Threatening. 1100 Block of Monte Elma Road, Elma; 11:48 p.m. While putting mail in the mailbox, man walks up and says he’s “going to kill me, rip me apart and has been waiting for a piece of him for a long time.”

March 18

Simple assault. Paradise Avenue, Malone; 12:37 p.m. Man bleeding all over the place; someone pushed him into a china hutch. Deputy takes suspect into custody.

Weapons offense. 300 Block of Camp Creek Road, Montesano; 3:38 p.m. Mother’s boyfriend threw a chair at respondent. Advised he drew a 20-gauge shotgun on the boyfriend, but then put shotgun in shed. It’s unloaded. Parties separated.

Simple assault. 5300 Block of Highway 12, Malone; 3:46 p.m. Man working on woman’s hot tub pushed her and threw her on the ground. He wanted payment in drugs and she wouldn’t give him any.

Simple assault. 100 W Broadway, Montesano; 6:01 p.m. Assault occurred in Grays Harbor County Jail.

Suspicious circumstance. Lambert Road, Elma; 9:31 p.m. Request check of location after dogs barking. Believe they are indicating something bad is going on at location. Husband outside with his gun looking for the problem. Husband eventually came back in.

March 19

Disorderly conduct. Block of Camp Creek Road, Montesano; 4:14 p.m. Son was arrested day before in domestic violence situation; kicked in door to house. He is currently in the outside shed. Taken into custody again.