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Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Blotter

This police blotter is made up of reports made available by the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office. Anyone with information on crimes, including burglaries and vehicle prowls, should call (360) 249-3711.

July 3

Dangerous dog. 100 Block of South Union Road, Elma; 11:28 a.m. Dog bite reported; victim in the emergency room at Summit Pacific Medical Center.

Fire. 4800 Block of Highway 12, Elma; 6:49 p.m. Mental evaluation requested for woman who set her home on fire; she also trashed the house and the couch has large holes and stab marks. She says there are voices in the walls.

Trespass. 800 Block of Monte Elma Road, Satsop; 8:43 a.m. Woman has pitched a tent on private property and refuses to leave.

Malicious Mischief. 1100 Block of Middle Satsop Road, Montesano; 10:04 a.m. Fifty to 100 trees have had their bark stripped since May.

July 4

Noise complaint. 15 Murray Place, Elma; 1:59 a.m. Request music be quieted. Woman hears tapping in her house; no one outside, thinks it might not be human.

July 5

Dangerous dog. Geissler Road, Montesano; 1:35 p.m. Was riding bike when person was bit by a German shepherd on the calf.

Explosions. Black Creed Road, Montesano; 8:31 p.m. Neighbors are shooting off a black powder canon — a real canon. It’s shaking the house.

July 7

Fire. Hurd Road and Monte Elma Road, Satsop; 3:16 p.m. Fire along trees and hedges, not near any structures, looks like it’s caused by fireworks.

Disabled Vehicle. 300 Katon Road, Montesano; 10:42 p.m. Woman says she’s stuck in a marshy area. She thought she was at Lake Sylvia, but is actually at Friends Landing. She says she backed up to let someone by and got too far into the muddy area. States she had been drinking, but took a nap and feels better. She says she backed into the boat ramp, but then got into the muddy area and now her back tires are sinking. Deputies heading to scene.

July 10

Animal problem. 100 Block of Satsop Riviera Loop, Satsop; 9 a.m. Large number of unowned cats in the area; what should we do about it?

Simple assault. 15 Murray Place, Elma; 9:43 p.m. Woman says she was beat up; has bruises and cuts, but declining aid.

July 12

Noise ordinance. Keys Road, Satsop; 12:01 a.m. Loud music in the area.

Dangerous dog. 100 Block of Oak Meadows Lane, Oakville; 8:14 a.m. Pit bull chasing a horse. Respondent chased the pit bull off the property.

Simple assault. Strawberry Hill, Elma; 11:10 a.m. Father just punched fiance.

July 13

Accident. 400 Block of Keys Road, Satsop, 9:29 p.m. Went to swerve when a deer crossed the road, but hit a tree and ended up in a ditch.

July 14

Theft of property. 200 Block of Devonshire Road, Montesano; 11:17 a.m. Theft of wiring from house happened over the weekend.

Theft of property. Niels Lane, Elma; 8:32 a.m. Outside propane tanks stolen.