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Restaurant Inspections for November/December

Grays Harbor County’s Environmental Health Division inspections lists restaurants and other food-handling establishments that received red and/or blue points, as well as those that didn’t receive any points. Red points are for food-handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to food-borne illness. Blue points are primarily for maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to cause food-borne illness. A facility found with 20 or more red violation points is subject to a follow-up inspection. Blue violations should be corrected immediately when possible, but generally do not impose an immediate risk to the public. A facility with 100 or more total points is subject to automatic closure.


Burger King (Complaint) 0

Deshmesh Petroleum 15 Red points

Neighborhood Pub (Pre-Opening) 0

Pizza Hut 0

Subway at South Aberdeen (Complaint) 20 Red points

Thai Carrot LLC (Compliance check) 0

Artic Tavern 7 Blue points

Bbrats Espresso, Swansons (Pre-Opening) 0

Bi-Mart #684 0

El Tapatio Mobile Unit (Reinspection) 35 Red points

El Tapatio Mobile Unit (Reinspection) 10 Red points

El Tapatio Mobile Unit (Closure) 10 Red points 10 Blue points

El Tapatio Mobile Unit (Pre-Opening) 0

Little Country Café 10 Red points

McDonald’s Walmart 3 Blue points

Neighborhood Pub (Compliance) 0

Rediviva (Pre-Opening) 0

Taqueria Los Gallos 25 Red Points

Union Gospel Mission (Complaint) 0

Walmart #2037 0

Central Park

Twin Cups 0


Maxi Mini Mart (Reinspection) 0

Copalis Beach

Green Lantern Pub Inc. 10 Red Points

East County

Del Cris Grocery & Deli 35 Red points 8 Blue points

Guest House Inn of Elma 20 Red points

Senior Center 10 Red points

Jag’s Highway 12 Diner (Reinspection) 0

Miller House Catering 25 Red points

Rain Country Café 0

Twisted Sisters Espresso 0


Hoquiam Market 0

Welcome Inn Tavern 20 Red Points

Taqueria Franco Mobile 55 Red points

Golden Dragon 30 Red points 8 Blue points

Restaurante El Jalapeno 0

Ocean Shores

Guest House Inn 0

McNutt’s To Go 0

Senior Center North Beach (Compliance) 0

Pacific Beach

Seagate Restaurant 20 Red points

Mill 109 at Seabrook 5 Red points

South County

Local Bar & Grill 60 Red points 8 Blue points


Twin Harbor Drug (Complaint) 0

El Rancho 0

Granny Hazels Candy & Gift 5 Red points

VFW Post #3057 25 Red points