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Restaurant Inspections for August

Grays Harbor County’s Environmental Health Division inspections lists restaurants and other food-handling establishments that received red and/or blue points, as well as those that didn’t receive any points. Red points are for food-handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to food-borne illness. Blue points are primarily for maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to cause food-borne illness. A facility found with 20 or more red violation points is subject to a follow-up inspection. Blue violations should be corrected immediately when possible, but generally do not impose an immediate risk to the public. A facility with 100 or more total points is subject to automatic closure.


7-Eleven 22762F (Central Park) 0

Consistent Cups Espresso 0

Honey Teriyaki Compliance Check 0

Mac’s Tavern & Card Room 5 Blue Points

Sunshine Deil #1 0

Swansons #3 Deli/Snack Bar 10 Blue Points

Taco Del Mar 0


Clark’s Restaurant 0

East County

Bear’s Den 0

Coffee Coop Espresso 0

Fast Break Espresso 5 Red Points

Fat Leo’s Rollin Bistro 0

GHC Fair Pavilion 0

K/M Resorts; Travel Inn Resort 0

Gordon’s Select Market 0

Twisted Sisters Espresso Pre-Opening Check 0


Foggy’s 0

Grizzlies Den 0

Lana’s Hanger Café 0

Restaurante El Jalapeno Pre-Opening Check 0

Pony Espress-o Mobile Check 0

Taqueria Franco Mobile Check 0

Copalis Crossing

Texico 5 Red Points 10 Blue Points

Ocean Shores

Ocean Beach Roasters Pre-Opening Check 0

Cruiser’s Pizza Pre-Opening Check 0

Java Jack’s Espresso Routine 3 Blue Points

Ocean Shores Mini Market 35 Red Points

Shores Shack 50 Red Points

Pacific Beach

D & K Grocery 5 Red Points

Sandpiper Beach Espresso 25 Red Points

You & I Market 50 Red Points


Humptulips Grocery 5 Red Points 5 Blue Points

South County

Johns River Lodge 35 Red Points


Chateau Westport 25 Red Points

Mermaid Deli 15 Red Points

Ted’s Red Apple Market (Complaint) 10 Red Points