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Montesano Police Department Public Information Log

The Montesano Police Department responded to 108 calls from Feb. 1-7. Here are some of the calls they responded to.


Traffic stops increased a little during the reported period. A total of 53 stops made during the time frame brought the lack of vehicle insurance or expired tabs to the top of the list at 10 citations written. Just as many warnings were given to vehicles with inoperable or broken head or taillights or other equipment issues.

An increase of cell phone or texting while driving has also been noticed with five citations and two warnings given.

One driver was stopped and cited for not wearing their seatbelt as they delivered the daily newspaper.

Friday, Feb. 1

Recovered Stolen Vehicle, East Pioneer Avenue, 7:48 a.m.: A report of a suspicious vehicle came to the attention of the Montesano Police Department. After investigation it was identified as a vehicle that had gone missing from the Aberdeen Police Department. The vehicle was recovered.

Agency Assistance, West Kennaston Avenue, 7:43 p.m.: The Monteano Police Department was on hand to assist the Montesano Fire Department with an aid call. The patient, an 84-year old woman, was transported by the fire department. It was reported that she had difficulty breathing.

Field Interview, Beacon and Talbot Streets, 11:11 p.m.: Two teenagers, who were walking a friend home, told police that a vehicle had driven by, after slowing down, and threw a beer can at them. Another report, with the same vehicle description, noted the vehicle swerving at another car with a female yelling to “get him.”

The vehicle was spotted and stopped and the four occupants questioned. The driver allegedly stated that he was providing a ride for one of the male passengers who was intoxicated. The passengers, including a female in the back, and driver of the vehicle, had no information about the reported incidents.

Saturday, Feb. 2

Found Property, East Broadway Avenue, 7:40 a.m.: What appeared to be a .22 caliber revolver was found in the bushes at a church in Montesano. The resident who found the pistol turned in the found weapon to the Montesano Fire Department finding the Police Department closed.

Inspection of the pistol found the serial numbers and other markings filed off. The only markings visible showed West Germany. The firearm was placed in the Montesano Police evidence room.

Domestic Violence, East Broadway Avenue, 9:45 a.m.: Montesano Police were called on a report of possible domestic violence. Familiar with the residence as this was a reoccurring issue, police did not observe any evidence of loud noise on this call. Police spoke with residents at the location who stated that they had just woken up and there has been no problem since last night.

Citizen Dispute, East Broadway Avenue, 10:43 a.m.: Police were called for verification about changing locks on a residence after their spouse had vacated. The husband advised police that his wife was not on the lease and was in the process of getting the landlord to change the locks. Police advised the man that even if this is done, the wife still has the right to access any personal belongings in the home.

Sunday, Feb. 3

Citizen Dispute, East Broadway Avenue, 7:21 a.m.: Police arrived to a call of a woman who had been locked out of her house. The woman explained that she had not moved out, only went to spend time with relatives the previous day, after an argument.

Police were unable to raise anyone inside the home and attempted to advise the woman of her next steps to gain access to the home via court order or through the landlord. The woman would not listen and left in her vehicle.

Harassment, East Pioneer Avenue, 1:09 p.m.: Montesano police received a call from a parent who was reporting that their daughter was being harassed by a boyfriend’s father. Allegedly, the father was using his son’s Facebook page and using it to post mean comments about the daughter.

The parent was advised to use the blocking feature on Facebook. The parent was not satisfied with the answer and hung up on the call.

Disorderly Conduct, Monte Elma Road, 11:24 p.m.: Arriving on the scene, Montesano Police questioned five subjects who were in a vacant plot after just breaking up a fight. The individuals allegedly stated that all were at fault for the incident, and that one other person involved had already left the scene. They further stated that they were waiting for sober drivers to come and pick them up to take them home.

Monday, Feb. 4

Field Interview, East Kamilche, 12:42 p.m.: A report of juveniles smoking next to a gully was provided to police. The two individuals were cited for possession of tobacco products.

Warrant Arrest, South River Street, 10:11 p.m.: A woman asking for assistance waved down a patrolling Montesano Police unit. The woman stated that a man at her residence had several warrants and that she wanted him removed from the home. Police were able to apprehend and book the man on a Department of Corrections warrant.

Tuesday, Feb. 5

Simple Assault, South Eleventh Street, 6:04 p.m.: Montesano Police broke up a physical altercation between a man and woman at the listed residence. Both people refused any first aid and both agreed to not press charges. Both did sign waivers of prosecution. The woman was given a courtesy transport from the area.

Suspicious Circumstance, Crows Nest, 10:22 p.m.: A lone vehicle located behind the restaurant was checked. Both the vehicle and the restaurant were secure. No one was in the area.

Wednesday, Feb. 6

Suspicious Person, East Broadway Avenue, 10:46 a.m.: A caller identified to police that they had been receiving strange voicemails from the same phone number for the past two days. The caller was identified and agreed to stop calling.

Harassment, North Main Street, 3:02 p.m.: Montesano Police responded to a call from a woman who stated that an old friend was attempting to hit her with their car the previous night. Witnesses to the incident could not confirm that the woman was intentionally attempting to hit her. The woman was advised to call police if there was another occurrence of the incident.

Thursday, Feb. 7

Suspicious Circumstance, South Fourth Street, 5:23 p.m.: A neighbor called in to report that a vacant home is becoming a community hazard. Police investigated and found the front door of the home open, a dead animal and large amounts of feces and garbage inside. The home was reported to the City of Montesano for determination.

Accident, East Elma Avenue, 6 p.m.: A vehicle struck a deer along the road and the deer seemed to still be alive. An onlooker helped move the deer to the side of the road, which at that point had expired. The vehicle had no reportable damage to their driver side front bumper.