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Montesano Police Department Public Information Log

The Montesano Police Department responded to 63 calls from Dec. 28, 2012 — Jan. 3, 2013. Here are some of the calls they responded to.


Traffic stops picked up a little during this time, a total of 18 traffic stops with nine citations and nine warnings were logged. The highest number of vehicles stopped was for equipment violations, such as inoperable head and tail lights. Two citations with six warnings were given.

Expired tags or no insurance generated the most citations, with four. One driver was cited for cell phone use.

The owner of a vehicle that was in the process of being towed from the off ramp at Highway 12 and Main Street, was arrested on an outstanding warrant from another police department. The driver was also cited with driving with a suspended licenses and various other traffic offenses.

Dec. 28

Abandoned Vehicle, East Pioneer Avenue, 2:59 p.m. A vehicle that had been left for approximately four days prompted a resident to call police and request that it be removed.

An attempt was made to locate the owner. The resident said they would wait a few more days before following through with impound.

Information Report, Whitney’s in Montesano, 2:42 p.m. A report was filed with Montesano Police about a car trailer that was in the Whitney’s Body Shop parking area. The caller wanted it on record that the trailer was taken without payment for impound or storage fees.

Dec. 29

Agency Assistance, Hill Road, 3:00 a.m. Montesano police were called in to assist on a possible prowler in the area. No further information provided.

Agency Assistance, 76 Station in Montesano, 4:25 a.m. police responded to a complaint of littering at the listed location. Police contacted an individual who was observed throwing a cigarette on the ground and advised to pick it up and place it in the garbage.

Suspicious Person, East Beacon Avenue, 10:17 a.m. Police were alerted to a male sitting in his vehicle for two hours. On contact with the individual in the vehicle, he advised the calling resident that they should leave him alone, that he was only doing his job. It was determined by police, after contact, that he was an insurance investigator.

Dec. 30

Unsecure premises, West Pioneer, 1:17 p.m. Montesano police were called on to see if a building had been left unlocked. On arrival they did determine that the building was unsecure. The building was locked and contact was made with an employee who said it was an oversight.

Dec. 31

Information Report, State Route 12, 11:47 a.m. Montesano police received a call that advised them of poor road conditions from Montesano to Aberdeen. The caller was hoping to have a reader-board placed warning drivers of snow conditions and about drinking and driving. The information was forwarded to Grays Harbor Roads in Elma and the Department of Transportation.

Citizen Assistance, Old Beacon Road, 1:38 p.m. A neighbor called in for assistance for an elderly couple who had been locked out of their home. The couple has taken refuge in their car, but the keys for the vehicle were also locked in the house. The neighbor was concerned for the elderly couple because of the cold weather. Police were able to unlock the home for the couple.

Theft From Vehicle, East Marcy Avenue, 1:59 p.m. Police received information about a vehicle break-in just one hour past the incident. The owner of the vehicle noted that some cash and a pack of cigarettes had been taken. The vehicle was unlocked. Paperwork possibly identifying the thief was also left in the vehicle.

Jan. 1, 2013

Suspicious Person, Monte-Elma Road, 10:59 a.m. A resident called in to report that he had just tried to help a couple on the road and they took off suddenly. The caller noted that when he approached the male driver, the driver stated that he was just pulled over because his girlfriend was feeling ill. The caller said that he would call police to come help, the driver fled the scene. The caller also noted that he observed copper wire and tools to cut the wire in the bed of the truck they were driving.

Jan. 3

Suspicious Person, Beacon Avenue, 3:12 p.m. Police were alerted to a suspicious van that had been at the location for the past seven hours. The driver said he was working at a residence in the area.

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