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Editor’s Note: Notice anything different? — 05/31/12

<p>Leif Nesheim</p>

Leif Nesheim

You may have noticed something different with The Vidette today. It’s the first style revision we’ve had since Aug. 29, 2002, when the paper changed to its current size (from a smaller page size).

We’re changing how we lay out the pages in-house (we’ve got a whole new computer system and process) and it was a good opportunity to freshen our look while fixing as many of the problems plaguing our templates and style libraries. The changes were designed to make the paper easier to read and easier to access without losing the overall style of the paper.

The biggest change is in the masthead on the front page, where we’ve replaced the black-and-white courthouse drawing The Vidette has used for the past decade with a color photo.We also kept the same banner font, but made the “The” smaller to allow space for a teaser on the far right of the page. As part of that, we moved the bar code to the bottom left.

We’ve created a rail on the left side of the front page to highlight top inside stories inside without jumping. This allows for more room above the fold for news and photos. It also makes it easier to read stories on inside pages rather than having to flip back to the front to start something new.

Our fonts are the same, as are most design elements.

Also, as you are likely aware since you’re reading this, I moved the editorial and columnist pages to the back two interior pages. In the past, they always appeard on pages A-4 and A-5. Sometimes we have had to move them, depending upon color needs. The editorial pages don’t need to be in color, so we occasionally found ourselves losing color availability. Color isn’t usually available back two inside pages and they should be just as easy to find (once you know where to look) and able to remain in the same location with greater consistency.

We’ll be making some minor tweaks in the coming weeks as we find things that don’t work or could work better. Please let us know what you think.

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