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Why won’t county oppose oil trains?

Dear Editor;

Given the track record of crude oil by rail, from Lac Megantic forward, we, the citizens of Grays Harbor, have a right to be alarmed by proposals to bring it to our community. Not only that, but we expect our elected leaders to exercise due diligence and vet such proposals on our behalf, especially when their history is fraught with disaster. Owing to the authority we have vested in our county commissioners, among others, we expect them to do more than shirk their duty, their oath of office. That two of them would refuse to assert concerns for our safety in the face of the unsafe history of crude by rail is unconscionable and merits recalling them for nonfeasance of duty.

By their actions we shall know them. Now that we do, it is imperative to kick their butts out of office since they evidently don’t give a damn about ours. If we must fend for ourselves, what the hell do we need them for?

Tori Kovach