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Vote against creation of new hospital district

I think that every single resident of Grays Harbor County will agree with me when I say, “we really want to keep our hospital a thriving first class medical facility.” That being said, the campaign to form the hospital district and the local media have so far done a great job of keeping the general public (the voter) totally uninformed! The sexual harassment lawsuit filed last year against the district is one more reason to vote no on on this proposal.

The effort put into keeping the public uninformed is staggering.

Here is what we have so far:

1. A potential $10 million lawsuit that has been seemingly ignored or at the very least underreported by the local media.

2. There have been no Public Disclosure Commission reports filed other than the initial C-1 report. The Public Disclosure Commission requires all committees to report their income, source of income and expenditures. Under the committee name “Support Our Hospital Committee,” when the committee filed the C-1 report, they chose the option for full reporting. That has not been done. I know they are spending money as, with the amount of signs, billboards and radio ads they have, they have likely surpassed $10,000 probably some time ago. AND there is some speculation in the community that there is a lot of PAC money backing this proposal.

3. There is the question of unfunded/underfunded pension plans. I believe this expense has not been fully disclosed.

4. There is the question of the CEO of Grays Harbor Community Hospital being married to the CEO of Summit Pacific in Elma.

5. There is the issue of the Hospital telephone number being used as the contact information for the committee.

The contact information is listed as: SUPPORT OUR HOSPITAL COMM, PO BOX 1014,ABERDEEN, WA, 98520, (360) 532-8330. (Campaigning on company time and claiming that we are not making money Hmmm)

6. Two years ago, the Franciscan Group made an offer to purchase Grays Harbor Community Hospital. What was the real reason the offer was squished by the current board?

So are any of these items problematic? Individually, maybe and maybe not, but combined, you bet. Very problematic! Until the “committee members” in charge of campaigning for the passage of the Hospital District come clean and disclose ALL information, I urge voters to reject this proposal. We the People are very tired of hearing the “Sky is Falling,” when, in fact, it is not! There are other alternatives to the funding issue that Grays Harbor Community Hospital has and I believe all of them are better than this proposal.

Bruce Daniels