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Thanks for re-printing Chapin Collins’ column

Dear Editor;

Your reprint of Chapin Collins’ 1938 column on the spelling of “Wynooche” (one or two e’s? April 24 issue) was a delightful example of why folks love Montesano. Darrel White and I (both MHS 1964) wrestled with the same conundrum in our book, “Skunk Cabbage and Chittum Bark,” published in 2012. We ultimately used the one “e” spelling, because we grew up with it and liked it better.

The article reminds us of Mr. Collins’ wit, knowledge and ability to write. My parents would immediately head to his column each week to see what new wrinkle in life he examined. Perhaps, more importantly, it reminds us that we might take things a little less seriously; it’s OK to smile at some aspects of life.

Maybe we can solve two geographical name problems with the same effort. A small pond (in the Wynooche drainage) south of Grisdale is known to locals as Tornow Lake. The Board of Geographical Names insists that it be known as “Mud Lake.” How many “Mud Lakes” exist versus Tornow Lake? Surely that must be as important as Wynooche versus Wynoochee.

Bob Dick