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Thanks for keeping Lindsey Baum in the headlines

Dear Editor;

I just finished reading your editorial about the fifth anniversary of Lindsey’s disappearance – great article. I am one of the volunteers with the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children, who traveled to McCleary after Lindsey was abducted to organize a community search for her. We couldn’t believe then and, after five years, still cannot believe how she could have vanished without a trace.

Thanks for keeping Lindsey’s name and face in the media — so critical when a child has been missing for so long – and reminding everyone that Lindsey is now a young lady whose looks have changed somewhat. Thanks for letting whoever took Lindsey know that she will never be forgotten and the search will go on for however long it takes. Someone knows something and we pray that someday they will come forward and end this nightmare for Lindsey and her family. Anyone with information should call 1-800-THE-LOST.

Sandy Stafford

Houston, Texas