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Thanks for an excellent Veterans Day event

I would like to thank the community for making Veterans Day 2013 a very memorable event for three special veterans; Lauren Bruner, Delma Wood, and Ruth Rumpf.

I would specifically like to thank some of the organizations and businesses that helped to make this event possible.

Whitney’s Auto Group, for providing the van for transportation; Bethany Baptist Church for providing a place for the Dinner Reception; Ladies Auxiliary to Bill Mann VFW Post 1948 for providing the dinner, refreshments after the parade and airline tickets; Elma School District for two very inspirational Veterans Day programs; Bill Mann VFW Post 1948 for monetary, parade and programs support and Rolling Thunder, Mason County VFW Post 1694 and William Roser VFW Post 2455 for their monetary donations. Also, the Elma High School FFA, band, choir, ASB and all the students and teachers who worked on the school’s Veterans Day program.

A special thank you goes to all of the students who attended the event. I was told that there was 86 percent of the student body in attendance for a non-mandatory assembly at the high school. All of the veterans that I have spoken with were very impressed by the patriotism and the respect shown by the students of the Elma School District.

Events like this make me very proud to be part of this community.

Bill Wickwire