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Stop sending newsletter corrections to City Hall

Dear Editor;

This has nothing to do with the editor of The Vidette, but is, instead, to the self-styled editor who anonymously corrects library books and volunteer forms of writing for public use.

Are you a former English teacher turned bathrobe editor? A disgruntled writer who can’t publish conventionally? Or just a crank who wears the thinly disguised veil of smug superiority like a crown you feel you deserve?

Are you aware that some of us prefer to judge a publication on its intent and its merits – not by the “improvement” of one who prefers “black” to “African American,” or January 10 to January 10th?

I personally appreciate ALL volunteer efforts — writing and otherwise, whether or not they meet my standards of excellence. You may find delight in ferreting out errors and oversights, but what you actually accomplish is to hurt someone’s feelings, so why not stick with crosswords? Or better still, go be a volunteer!

Furthermore, your anonymity speaks volumes about you. I think you’re really a coward disguised as an intellectual.

Isa “Kitty” Mady