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Stink won’t last for long at Cosmo

We’ve been receiving some calls regarding odor and have noticed the Facebook comments. We are completing our annual maintenance outage where we carry out repairs that require the mill to be shut down. Those repairs included maintenance work on the aerators and pipes in our treatment ponds at the mill. To do those repairs meant we had to drain two of the ponds. Once the water cover is drained, the remaining solid matter in the ponds gives off a very strong odor. We are refilling the ponds with water as fast as possible, but have to ensure that the floating aerators rise with the water and don’t get submerged and ruined.

This annual maintenance is essential to make sure we meet all our DOE permit requirements and to help reduce odors from any other time of the year.

Throughout this maintenance period, we have recorded winds coming out of the west which should mean that no odor should carry west of the mill and, in fact, calls to the mill have been from points east. We are working as quickly as possible to fill the remaining pond which should solve the odor issue.

Robert Buchan

Cosmo Specialty Fibers

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