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Re-elect Rick Hole as our next assessor

Dear Editor;

We have hired an administrator, why don’t we let him administer his office? Rick Hole has a proven record in preserving 65 family wage jobs at Ocean Spray. In serving us as County Assessor, he has made the transformation from a four-year assessing plan to an annual one. He has made the software system function without spending approximately $200,000 for a new system. His critics wanted to spend this amount for a packaged software system that would require a $70,000 expert to manage it. The morale of the office is reported to be low. It seems any office where another employee was trying to get rid of the boss would have poor morale.

Years ago, there was a book written by a business expert called “The Peter Principle.” In many cases, people are advanced in their jobs until they reach their level of incompetence. We need Rick Hole to continue to serve us and save us money. Please re-elect Rick to this very important position.

Fred Rapp