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Re-elect Hospital Commissioners Drew Hooper and Brent Meldrum

To the editor;

My name is Otis Leathers. I concede the loss of the primary election for Hospital District Position No. 3.

What does a commissioner do? The person attends open public board meetings bringing citizen concerns to the board and hospital executive officers, serves on committees charged with establishing, quality policy, reviews the hospital’s financial health and determines goals for future of the hospital.

What are the problems facing the hospital? Community respect for the quality care by the hospital, need for volunteers to support needs of the hospital which are beyond the capability of its employees, and implementation of programs to accomplish delivery of new services mandated by changes of health insurance.

Incumbents vs. Challengers: Challengers have not attended an open public meeting bringing their concerns before the board, participated in any volunteer service to the hospital, nor have any experience in the field of health care. The incumbents regularly do all of these things.

I urge that the citizens of East Grays Harbor County re-elect Andrew (Drew ) Hooper and Brent Meldrum.

Otis Leathers