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People control not gun control

Controll people, not guns

Dear Editor;

Your cartoon on Jan. 31, illustrates many ways we can kill each other. One item that was missing was how many of our people do we kill with cars. It is obvious that the instrument is not the problem, people kill people!

Since 1973, we have been on a rampage of killing in this country that is terrible by comparison to all the slaughters in and around World War II. Hitler has been credited with killing 10 million, Stalin 20 million and the Chinese more than that. Yet in the U.S. we have slaughtered on average, 1,400,000 of innocent babies per year. We have even financed with our tax dollars this travesty. The proponents of killing babies call it choice. The man and woman or boy and girl have a choice. Don’t make a baby if you don’t want a baby, the baby has no choice.

If you add up all the terrible killing that Hitler, Stalin and the Chinese leader did, they would be on an equal with our murder of babies in this country. If these 56 million people were alive today, there would be less stress on the funding of Social Security and Medicare. An interesting facet of the people who are”pro-choice,” willing to kill for convenience, is that they are the same people who are fighting to stop capital punishment. Apparently it is OK to kill an innocent baby but not OK to put to death a person who has committed a heinous crime. Where this type of thinking comes from is absolutely crazy.

Limiting the ownership of guns because some nut got a gun and killed someone is not any answer. Finding and treating people who have insane ideas is certainly one way we can control these types of mass murders. Having trained and armed people in our schools is a good way to limit the “crazies” ability to injure more than one. Particularly in our region of the country, we probably have well-informed gun owners teaching and administrators who hunt!

Thanks for listening.

Fred Rapp