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Obama to blame for higher insurance costs

Dear Editor;

Your editorial on Grays Harbor PUD wages and healthcare tells only half the story!

“Even PUD management has gone for years without raises, but the union receives raises every year, even in tougher economic climates than this year” is what you said. Each year Grays Harbor PUD management employees are evaluated and usually given wage bumps within their salary range. Recent hire Ian Cope for communications started at $72,000 this year, but next year I’ll bet his salary will be higher. General Manager Dave Ward should be up for evaluation this June. Do you think he’ll get nothing for a wage increase? Management employees get wage increases for their performance and what equivalent jobs are paying at other Washington State PUDs.

Looking at some Washington state elected officials, the last change in salary was 2008. Our Governor has earned $166,891 for the last 6 years. Also earning the same salaries are state legislators, Secretary of State, Auditor and Insurance Commissioner.

Grays Harbor PUD initially had a healthcare increase of 14 percent, but monthly rates will be going up 10 percent for employees and ratepayers. It happened by Grays Harbor PUD employees paying higher monthly premiums, higher individual and family deductible amounts and paying more out of pocket for drug benefits. If Grays Harbor PUD employees are considered public employees and earning retirement benefits through Washington State, why can’t they get Washington State employee medical benefits like Grays Harbor County employees?

Your last paragraph states “I’m not sure why it has to be so different for public employees and why the ratepayers are always expected to absorb more costs to their own pocketbooks.” Did Grays Harbor County pay more to the state for medical care for employees? The truth is ratepayers and taxpayers and employees will pay more for healthcare because of the Democrat Obama care experiment!

Frank Moses