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Montesano needs to take care of the cemetery better

Dear Editor:

For years, the city of Montesano’s Wynooche Cemetery has been groomed and well kept. I was up there twice in the past month and the overall look is “shabby” at best! The mowing is not getting done often enough, so when it does get done, there is nothing but rows of long, cut grass lying around rotting. It doesn’t get raked; it just lies there turning brown, looking horrible. That isn’t even the worst of it. When the grass is mowed, it is being blown all over the tops of numerous head stones. Many people work diligently at keeping their relatives’ head stones looking nice and don’t appreciate their hard work being destroyed with a careless pass of a lawn mower. Why – all of a sudden is this a problem? It was never a problem before – that I had ever noticed.

It appears as though the problem just started since the city of Montesano hired a company from Tacoma for $42,000 (yes, that’s forty-two thousand dollars) to mow a few different areas around town, including the cemetery. I understand that it’s an outside company, who probably doesn’t give a lick about the aesthetics of our cemetery. But, what about a little pride from our city administration, who oversees this order of business? You should be ashamed; I know I am – and embarrassed! If it’s not in the mowing company’s “agreement,” then just out of respect, why hasn’t the public works director seen to it that the excess grass is picked up or at the very least, blown off all of the head stones?

When former public works employee, Russ Burke, was responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery, he made sure his summer employees properly mowed and cared for the cemetery grounds.

I’m sorry, Mayor Estes, but the condition of the Wynooche Cemetery is not aligned with your mantra of “maintaining Montesano’s reputation as ‘The Crown Jewel of Grays Harbor County,’” which is posted with your biography on the city of Montesano’s website.


Randy Nicholson