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Montesano needs real vision to restore the trust of the people

Dear Editor;

It’s time for us to get back on track and back to the basics of public trust so that our community will have the confidence in the decisions we make. Trust has been lost in the management styles of those elected and appointed when certain decisions have been made. It is my firm belief that in order to regain the public’s trust in the administration of the City of Montesano, we must focus on the following:

Honesty We are trusted until our ethical behaviors are questioned because of a breach. Encouraging honesty must go beyond the everyday ethics training. It must be built into a culture that won’t stand by even the smallest of lies or a little bit of dishonesty.

Efficiency – We must provide superior public goods and services while exercising thriftiness as reasonably as possible. The measurement of efficiency should be demanding and fair.

Transparency – When we are trying to gain or regain our community’s trust, they must be able to see what is going on, not what we want or don’t want them to see. The phrase, “perception is often reality,” becomes ever so true, especially if we are showing the public what is really happening. This can and will encourage a more positive perception.

Good Policy Adoption — Realistic people will differ on what establishes good policy. Transparency is especially needed when creating and adopting policies. Having the public more involved in policy development will lead to grander trust.

If we can implement and embrace honesty, efficiency, transparency and good policy adoption, we should begin to see more positive outcomes, of which the City of Montesano is in desperate need.

Tyler Trimble

Montesano City Council