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Monte needs to showcase its positive pride

Dear Editor;

Three cheers for Montesano Council persons Pam McElliott and Pat Herrington for suggesting that, for the good of our city, we all need to start “accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative” to quote the lyrics of a popular song in the 1940s.

This constant petty bickering and accusatory rhetoric at council meetings is becoming tiresome and boorish, putting our city in a very bad light.

We have dedicated city employees and a hard working administration that is trying their best to move the city forward. We all need to put our personal grievances aside and work together for a better Montesano.

For the first time in my memory, we have a full-time mayor, working for what amounts to less than minimum wage, dedicated to public service. More city street repairs have been made in the past two years than the previous ten. We have a beautiful new public works building, and our parks and city in general look just great.

The entire council needs to take Pam and Pat’s advice and project a positive attitude for all the citizens of Montesano to follow.

Emery Haggin