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Letters to the Editor — 11/01/2012

Willis’ grandaughter shows

patriotism with support

Dear Editor;

Patriotism is where someone gives their life for their country or they show that they care for their country.

I thought patriotism was fighting but it is not only fighting. My grandma ran, and is running again, for county commissioner and my dad ran for school board. That is patriotism. Just helping your community or trying to fix something that is not right is patriotism. I show patriotism by helping my grandma with campaigns. To me, that type of patriotism is fun.

The other type of patriotism is when people fight for our country. People in World Wars I and II showed patriotism. Even people that are at war right now are showing patriotism. My great-grandpa tried to get into World War II but he got sick and did not get in. That is also showing patriotism.

As you know there are different kinds of patriotism. I show patriotism and I bet you can too.

Savannah Dilley

Sixth grader at

Lincoln Middle School,