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Letter to Editor: Quinaults open gas station, yet they oppose oil trains

As I opened my weekly Vidette to read the latest county news I took the time to carefully read the article about keeping big oil out of Grays Harbor by Billy Frank Jr.

I found myself feeling like there I has been quite a growing hypocracy over this subject lately. Now, I’m not necessarily a person in total support of oil or coal trains rolling through our local community if our environment is compromised, but I am in great favor of creating jobs on the Harbor if it can be done with the assurance it WILL be done while we preserve that which we have. Here is where the hypocracy begins. I’m reading about how the dredging of the Harbor destroys habitat and estuary. If we dredged the shipping channel three inches deeper then we could accommodate larger auto shipping vessels, but Mr. Frank claims it damages habitat for fish, shellfish and birds. What I can’t understand is that we already dredge our shipping channel so why not dredge it deeper? This would bring the opportunity for more shipping business to our port and grow our community.

If our tribal community is so concerned about the environment as Quinault President Fawn Sharp claims it will ruin our hunting and fishing for our future, then why is the Quinault tribe getting ready to build a fuel station closer to a river then any on the Harbor? The fuel tanks can leak or the storm drains and runoff from the parking lot can just simply drain in the river.

I think there are ways to accommodate both sides but everyone has to work together to come up with a solution. It’s going to cost the oil and rail companies alot. Don’t point the finger elsewhere if you have dirty laundry yourself.

Frank Majeski