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Leave the softball, baseball money alone

Dear Editor;

If what I read in the April 17, 2014 issue of The Vidette is true about the Montesano city administration considering a proposal to take half the revenue generated by businesses advertising on the signs at Crait and Nelson Fields – then shame on you, city administrators!

Every penny that is currently taken in on such advertising is spent on field maintenance and operation expenses such as umpires, league fees, equipment, utility bills and insurance. As it is now, there is still a cost ($55 for Little League and $65 for Girls’ Softball) to each player to participate on a team. And each player is responsible for selling a number of raffle tickets.

If, indeed, this proposed resolution is passed, who is going to solicit the various businesses for advertising? Girls’ softball officially began 39 years ago in Montesano, and Little League began in the 1940s. Since both of those associations started up, the solicitation for their “signage advertising” was done by volunteers. So I ask, “Is the city going to go out and hustle up advertisers if they are planning to pocket half the money?” If so, they will have to pay someone to do that. I don’t see how they could possibly add that to anyone’s job description since they have already closed City Hall to the public for one hour in the morning because one employee is out on maternity leave. According to the mayor and city administrator, their current staff is spent and couldn’t possibly have continued running without having that extra “uninterrupted” hour in the morning. Can the city really afford to pay someone to solicit businesses for advertising?

Since all funds that are currently generated by both associations go back into the running of their programs, why then does the city need to take it away from them in the first place? It doesn’t seem quite right that the parents and participants should have to raise more funds because the city can’t figure out how to financially take care of its property.

Besides allowing our community’s youth to play on city owned fields, what has the City of Montesano provided for our youth? I have lived here my entire life, and I can’t come up with anything!

Teri Zillyett