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I was a patient at The Clinic at Elma and I deserved better

Why, after monitoring The Elma Clinic, did Capital Medical Center decide to close it in three days? Why did they put in a new computer system when they were thinking about closing the clinic? Why did they bring in a separate lab facility in the last few months? Why were they so inconsiderate of patients, staff, other medical facilities and the pharmacies? Why did they only give medical facilities to transfer to in Olympia?

Thankfully, our lab appointment was scheduled for the next day after they announced the closure to staff and some of the patients. Others weren’t as fortunate. It left us and others with prescriptions that were ready to expire requiring appointments immediately. Some need labs or doctors appointments weekly which may be difficult for them to commute to Olympia. This also makes a pharmacy’s job more difficult. The paperwork for transfers takes time and energy and produces stress.

Oh, I know that Medicare patients are not profitable, however, we have worked and donated time, money and shopped in the community. We deserved more consideration than Capital Medical gave its people.

We were patients at The Elma Clinic for over 20 years and were happy with our treatment. We have been happy with the services that Capital Medical Center gave us in Olympia but now, we wonder, “What next?”

Blanche Campbell


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