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How many jobs are worth it if an oil spill happens?

Listening to the Port of Grays Harbor and crude oil proponents’ hype causes me wonder. I wonder if trading jobs is really creating jobs.

According to the Port, Westway and Imperium new crude oil tank farms will create 100 jobs with additional promised Longshore jobs added to the mix. In a county that already has approximately 2,500 workers already unemployed (2010 census statistics), this sounds heartening.

However, a crude oil spill would have profound impacts on the 31 percent of the workers who depend on marine resources for their jobs. So, when the spill happens that means 6,981 more workers (2010 census lists 22,522 workers) could become unemployed.

Doesn’t sound like a good trade off to me. Anyone?

Arthur (R.D. Grunbaum


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