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How do I get in on the free Monte legal assistance program?

Dear Editor;

While reading the article “Attorney for former public works head threatens lawsuit against critic” in the Feb. 20, 2014 edition of The Vidette, I noticed Emery Haggin is quoted as saying, “The city sent a letter to Burke’s people that said they were to stop intimidating me.” In response to that quote, City Administrator Kristy Powell said that particular letter wasn’t turned over to The Vidette in a recent public records request because it was attorney-client privilege.

Did I read that correctly? Is the city attorney now sending letters on behalf of private citizens? I don’t know about anyone else, but nothing about that “smells good” to me!

If this is a new service the city of Montesano is now offering its citizens, how does one go about making appointments with the city attorney to help with “personal” legal needs? I’m sure there are several citizens (not just Emery Haggin) who would like to take advantage of this “city government-paid” legal service.

I would also be curious to know the State Auditor’s opinion on this “free” personal legal assistance.

Teri Zillyett