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Help us raise money for BHR

Sweet Shack Bakery and Tea House in Shelton and Bill’s XL Bakery in Aberdeen will offer a variety of Green baked goods – with proceeds going to Behavioral Health Resources. So, forget your diets. Go Green for BHR in March.

And check out Behavioral Health Resources on Facebook for updates on other fun businesses who are going to offer super cool deals benefiting BHR during March, too.

Why green, you may wonder?

You know how pink is the color to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness and red is for hearts?

Well, green is for mental health awareness.

During March, we’re asking you to “Go Green 4 BHR” Behavioral Health Resources — the charity serving our community’s mental health needs since 1956. Check out our Facebook page Behavioral Health Resources or our website at and download our special shamrock. And, if you can, consider donating something from your pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day. Remember, we all win when we “Go Green 4 BHR.”

Behavioral Health Resources provides mental health and chemical dependency treatment for 10,000 clients every year in Grays Harbor, Mason and Thurston County. We are a non-profit and United Way partner agency.

Alliea Phipps